Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tips for promotion CS:GO Competitive (silver to gold)

Well pleasant surprise, I'm now GOLD NOVA III, after only 6 games (from NOVA II). 

Apparently the game algorithms is made such that Novas promote a lot faster than Silvers. Trust me, I know cos I've been stuck at Silver Elite for the LONGEST TIME EVER. 

Here are some LOGICAL (that will set your priorities straight, cos we all get blinded by kills) tips to get promoted from Silver to Gold in CS:GO competitive.

1. Be gracious.
Make yourself "like" your team mates. If you be hatin' cos your team speaks with an accent or plays in a different style, you're probably gonna lose the game - BECAUSE IT'S A TEAM GAME!
Get everyone to work together, 2-1-2 your CT rounds consistently, 4-1 your T rounds (as a basic thumb of rule), on the basis that teams are evenly spread, you have a higher chance of drawing or winning the game.

2. Bad Habits.
Stop waving your knife while walking, it's a terrible Casual game habit. It doesn't make you walk any much faster, yet damages your team in hp and morale (while trying to dodge you). 
Blocking is a heinous crime. When your teammate is using a ranged weapon, he will cover you from your back, more than often save your ass. Do not jump/walk into his line of sight, move away to ensure he has a clear shot. If your teammate is doing that, communicate politely.

3. Plan your finances properly. No one can guarantee you'll be alive in any rounds, buy your equipment with the thought in mind:
A) Will you be able to kill at least one enemy with this set-up
B) Will your enemy gain a massive advantage over your team if they attain that item (usually Tec-9, AK, AWP or Gaygun).

4. Playing the map right.
Be very familiar with the map, there are only that handful of hiding spots. We know CT are gonna camp there and wait for you to walk into their crosshair, it is often a good habit to strafe out and shot a couple o shots on the spot for safety.

5. Use grenades generously.
Communicate with your team, every map has spots that gives your absolute advantage when you smoke grenade certain spots. It allows you to camp a distance from the smoke and secure a proper vantage point. While entering corners, tossing a flash (or two, consequtively) ensures that you get an extra second of vision to see where your enemies are, when you decide if you should engage or rotate.

6. Clear Communications.
Keep your communications simple and accurate. Example, "Lower tunnel 1" "Upper mid AWP" "Palace 1" "Heaven 2" "Bomb Drop B"
A lot of players like to chit chat in-game which is a detriment to the team because
A) it prevents your team mates from hearing enemy foot steps
B) everyone of us has a unique accent and let's be honest, we can all be a lil racist and impatient sometimes

7. Don't be bossy
More than often we meet strangers who are extremely amateurish or less familiar with the game mechanics than you are. Do be patient with them, communicate politely, give clear instructions. If you piss them off, chances are they'll feel bad and throw the game. They don't care about you reporting them. So again, be nice and gracious.
If your teammate did well, sing praises generously. It will boost their morale and increase your chance of winning. If they didn't, encourage them "nice try. let's not rush them next round"
Abusing and annoying your team mates doesn't get you anywhere closer to winning. Chances are, they'll block communication (mute) you and you lose the game. 

Understand that this is only a game, you win some you lose some. Be nice!
So here are my tips for today. GLHF!

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