Sunday, May 3, 2015

DotA2 6.84 update - FUCK MY BRAINS

Boots of Travels can now be upgraded to allow yourself to be teleported ONTO allies.

Many of you may have noticed the new items and shitload of changes in 6.84, changing the entire gameplay. 

Game reviewers predicting DotA2 to be spinning into a whirlpool of chaos (or water closet, if you like).

Massive new information to relearn and skills/combos to replan. Items becoming more expensive, even void stone is relocated away from secret shop.

For the full list of updates, click here -

Silver Edge and Octarine Core seems to be a really popular item, I kept seeing players buy this. It's like the new Mjollnir build.

My verdict is, it's hard enough to persuade new players to quit LOL to try DotA2, now it's almost impossible.

However, since it's like a brand new game now, it may bring about a whole new paradigm shift where smarter players may have a better chance against experienced players.

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