Sunday, March 29, 2015


G'day. Today I'm gonna share something about computer gaming. This is not an advertorial, just my two cents worth on why I would highly recommend getting your peripherals for gaming.

So why can't you play your games with the free default mouse that comes with your computer/laptop? Well, you can, as long as you are comfortable with it. Also, I've witnessed people who use a basic setup getting more kills in a game than others who have professional setups worth a couple of grands (or more). 

I myself is not a professional gamer. In fact, I suck so much that more than often I get verbally abused by my team. Comments like "You really CMI" "Please stop playing competitive" "My grandmother can play better than you" are no strangers to me, once in a while I even get reported for intentional feeding (which I did not). In my defence and evidenced with screenshots (which are easily available in my game profile), sometimes I carry the team with top frag and sometimes I'm at the bottom of the bottomless pit. In short, I'm simply as inconsistent as your least favourite politician (or hawker, if you like).

Then again, I remind you that I'm nothing close to being a professional gamer.

So here's my list of recommended setup:


I don't have a screen that is on the edge of technology, but you would need something that clearly display details of the game so you actually know what's going on. You don't need an expensive one, just one that also allows you to watch your porn comfortably. Then of course, if you wanna see the pores on the face of your favourite porn stars, by all means get an Ultra HD set.


One that all keys work. A lot of gamers (myself included) have a mechanical fetish. We like to hear the metallic clicking sound the keys make when we punch em. The louder the better. In all honesty, if you have roommates (or parents) who finch on hearing clicking all-day all-night, don't get it.


As mentioned earlier, any mouse could lead to a desirable game outcome. I do not believe in the bullshit that gaming mouse advertisements always say "even 0.01 second matters" blah blah blah.. It's all about reaction time, give a potato the best mouse and my grandmother can pwn him anytime.

Now, we want something that really fits into your hands comfortably. Know that everyone have palms that are of different sizes and we grip the mouse differently. Undoubtedly, a lot of companies spent massive amounts of money trying to perfect the shape and size of their masterpiece, then again, Americans have different palm size compared to a Vietnamese, you know what I mean. In addition, we all have a different preference for boobs. So you would really need to go down to a local store to try grabbing on the display sets. Squeeze em a lil and see if you are happy milking the mouse.
Cord or cordless? I personally do not like boobs, I mean mouse, without cords attached to them, but I'm not judging. Some people do like to recharge their mice every now and then, and gets frustrated with the cords getting into their way etc, I simply cable tie the cords upon purchase so that they get out of the way. 

What about those mouse that comes with the number pads on the side of it? In all honestly, I'm currently using one of those, where you can bind keys to the numbers. That's not really for me, I'm a keyboard warrior, not a mouse warrior. I simply enjoy watching the buttons illuminate and change colour throughout my respawn time, it's makes me happy and that's about it.

Mousepad. You do not want a mouse pad that cringes, bends on the sides or collects dust or food crusts (usually the free ones). Hard/soft and size really depends on your personal usage.


It makes a difference when you are playing Counterstrike or other FPS. A good surround sound headset lets you hear enemies from all directions. Also, a good mic doesn't piss off your team mates, even when you are on open mic. They be like "Oh my, such melodious voice of an angel" instead of "Cheebye, can you please switch off your open mic?" Which you most probably wouldn't, and they mute you in game, then the team fails to communicate, then you lose. Simple logic. 

When playing MMORPG like DotA2, I don't feel much of a difference, except for the high/low notes of the background music, which doesn't affect the game at all. 

Get one that's nice and comfortable, and pretty. When you feel good, you play well. 


We all play games to have fun, to unwind after a hard day at school/work. So calm your tits and hold the abuses. Not everyone is a professional like yourself, you can blame yourself for having bad luck to be grouped with noobs, but no one deserves to be abused. You choose to play pub, be well prepared that there will be kids and shit cunts. If any anger, you may punish and abuse your own cock after the game. Always be polite and a good sport. 

If you are getting abused all over during the game, simply mute all other players. We are all here to have fun. You win some, you lose some. Don't be a sore loser, stop crying!

Don't don't don't get into verbal sword fights and never be racists. I know that most (not every single one) Pinoy gamer can be really annoying, with their shitty game plays and "putang ina mo" what nots. You have a mute button, use it. We are playing games to have fun, but get angry. 

Never force yourself to play a game, do it only when you really want to. Don't do it because you need to follow a routine (work-shower-dinner-game-sleep). Sometimes we have a long/bad day, don't play the game unless you're enthusiastic and ready for it. Else more than often you find yourself being bitter, miserable and getting into petty arguments with pubs.


Play with moderation. No one can be happy throughout their lives, once you hit the climax, you can only go down. Don't let your games get into your work or life. You need proper sleep so you don't fuck up at work/school the next day, so you can bring back more money to squander lavishly and senselessly on game peripherals. 

Give yourself a break every now and then. Absence makes the heart fonder, distance yourself from the game every now and then - play other games or do something away from the computer (jogging, movies, sex etc). Break the repetitive routine, you'll realise yourself being more passionate about the game after you return, sometimes discover new skills/tricks. 

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