Friday, January 23, 2015

Story about hell

Sharing a story today. 

Around 40 years ago, this man was appointed to be the temporary secretary of East Hell (governing 6 districts) for a month. It was a tedious process as he has his normal job in the day and his new appointment by night. 

Late at night, two imps will come escort him on a carriage to Eastern Hell for his job. According to him, the journey takes not more than 15min, while the ride is not bumpy at all (kinda like a floating carriage). 

The new job scope is to approve punishment before the sinners were escorted to their respective sections (eg. People who cause disputes by speech sent to area where they cut off your tongues). Hell beings who dies from the torture comes back to life immediately due to the existence of "karmic wind" blowing throughout hell. For example, if you wrote a slander article, your tongue gets cut off, grows back, cut off again, until the article disappears from this world (when the last article is destroyed, or when the last recorded video disappears from any server in the world). 

A few days into his job, he proposed to Boss-in-charge (aka King Yama) that they should abolish the punishment where sinners were made to hug burning pillars, "it sounds too cruel" he said. King Yama replied, "pay the area a visit, we'll discuss after you return"

So he made his way to the area allocated for burning pillars, only to find that there's absolutely nothing there. No burning pillars, victims/sinners, demons. He then realise that he couldn't see it because he doesn't have the karmic liability to experience it hence it does not exist. It is all part of nature, if you sow a seed, you and only you will witness and bear the fruits when the time is ripe. 

Nobody created hell or heaven. It is a place created solely out of karmic energy, your karmic energy. Like dreams, which contents are materialised from your day-to-day and previous life's experiences. Believe it or not..