Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Balance Gentleman's Pack without Socks

So read the advertorial on yesterday's newspaper about the gentleman's pack and decided to purchase it today at the Tampines Mall outlet. 

(Advertised with the sexy novelty socks)

I tried on the size and confirmed the purchase. The sales assistant did not inform me that they do not have the novelty socks that came with it.

I waited as he went on to pack up the shoes, while hearing him whispering to the other shop assistant that he can't find the socks. 

During the payment he showed me the shoes checking with me the colours and sizes with NO mention of the missing socks. So I asked about it. He said its limited, and they are already out. HE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME FROM THE START. Then I asked if they can get it from another store, the shop assistants said that they are not allowed to do inter-shop transfer, the only way I can get the socks is to buy it from another outlet. I did not patronise new balance to listen to excuses.

The newspaper article was published YESTERDAY and there is no stock today. This is not right. If you don't have the ready stock, don't advertise it. 

It's not just about the socks, I love the shoes but it's $289 NOT well spent.