Saturday, September 6, 2014

Joe visits Singapore

My mate from Brisbane, Joe, came to visit. So we brought him to dinner at Chinatown. The Mid-Autumn Festival decorations are up.

Dr. Cafe Chinatown Point
1-for-1 tall coffee

Chinatown Complex Claypot Chicken Rice

Smith Street Taps
Crafted beer

Harry's Riverside Point
The food is pretty good but the service is from hell. Wait staff making eye contact with you and looking the other way. They don't approach you till you wave frantically at them. There's a dead fly in the menu and it takes them 15min to get us some iced water. We are all from the hospitality industry and we know the staff to guest ratio is more than sufficient. The only decent service was from the Malay bartender. Un-fucking-believable!

Mid-Autumn decorations/lightings at Chinatown, Singapore.

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