Friday, September 12, 2014

Bad Clinic Experience (Singapore)

I'm gonna share a story that covers a few  of my observations (from a service professional and Master in Human Resource Management perspective) when visiting a corporate clinic at Raffles Place yesterday. 

1. First impressions. While waiting for my number to be called, a doctor was yelling at the receptionist about some mistake she made. Take it somewhere else, lady. We don't need to know how badly trained your staff is.

2. I was supposed to do a chest X-Ray (which was where most of the hell happened). Before the scan, I was hearing the entire conversation between the two receptionists. The young man was complaining about how he has had enough, with the lady trying to coax him. Again, take your feud behind closed doors.

3. After the scan, the assistant mumbled from another room telling me that I'm done for the day and I can leave. First, have the basic respect to talk to my face and don't mumble. I had to walk to the other room just to confirm she was talking to me.

4. So I made my departure when my phone rang. The reception asked for me to come back to the clinic because I'm wasn't done with the medical. WTF SERIOUSLY? Did the X-Ray staff just pranked me or is it bad communication? 

5. I went back to the clinic to have my blood pressure taken blah blah blah.. Then I realised the friendly male doctor has nails of Wolverine. They are protruding at least 1.5cm out of his fingers. Tryna kill me with those claws?

Highly unprofessional. Will not visit if I had to pay for it.

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