Sunday, August 10, 2014

SKYFORCE 2014 (iOS) pew pew pew

Today I'm going to talk about this very awesome game - SKYFORCE 2014 on the iOS platform. Many years ago, it was one of the best symbian game that everyone played on their Nokia phones. During then there were three planes to choose from - one being the normal default plane, the second is more tanky but moves slower and the last one is swift but paper. There are only like 5 stages for you to beat your own hi-score.

This year, SKYFORCE brings players to a whole new level of game play. You only get one red plane, but there're so many awesome add-ons and side quests. Let's take a look at some screenies..

Every stage has 4 objectives:
1. Collect 70% of stars
2. Destroy 100% of enemy forces
3. Rescue all people
4. Stay untouched

Cinematics for Final Boss fight (Stage 8)

Clearing each of the objectives, gives you permanent bonus points on your next attempt on the stage. 
The best part of this game is that you can take your time to practice every stage and you don't even need an internet connection.

So basically like any other shooters, you just fly your plane around the map pew-pew-pewing at enemy planes, helicopters, tanks, cruisers, infrastructure. Try to collect power up drops and rescue hostages/survivors, you don't have to if you don't feel like it. 

Once you've completed all 4 objectives, you unlock the HARD version of the stage and INSANE version thereafter. Each level of difficulty gives you bonus star multipliers. Bonus stages unlocks with sufficient objectives cleared, pretty straight-forward.

Destroyed enemies drop stars, you collect them to upgrade your plane

1. Health - makes you tanky
2. Main Cannon - stronger pew 
3. Wing Cannon - two additonal pews
4. Magnet - sucks in the stars nearby
5. Missiles - automatic enemy seeking pew
6. Laser - concentrated short blast of pew
7. Energy Shield - a shield that protects you from pews for a short period of time
8. Mega Bomb - destroys all the enemies in an area 

Everyone has their own strategy to how they want to upgrade their planes. As for myself, I believe in practising how to dodge pews while focusing on one objective at a time; Meaning, I will never try to destroy 100% and rescue all the hostages at the same time.

The game drops Collector cards randomly. I've collected 6 currently, they give some kinda bonus like faster upgrading time, bonus fire rate (which is awesome) etc etc. You will need to complete the stage where you find the card, in order to keep it.

Stage 8 Final Boss 
complete credit and cinematics

The beauty of this game is it's simplicity. Everything is so intuitive, you feel clever playing it and the great sense of satisfaction for your choice of hard-earned upgrade. I never spent a cent buying credits in games (well, not any more). This game doesn't even use your data. This is the one game that will make you miss your stop if you take public transport.

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