Friday, August 29, 2014

How to get rid of Ants, Mosquitoes and Cockroaches?

I came across this Chinese article some time ago on how to get rid of ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches. I'm not sure how useful this article is, but am gonna translate this article so that you "ang mo pai" (who are having pest problems) can read it...


Cockroaches like to hide in our kitchens. What you can do is, get a piece of bar soap and chop it into many small pieces. Put these small pieces of soap into a container and add tap water. Spray into cabinets and kitchen closets/cupboards. Within a few days, you will realise that the cockroaches have escaped. Plus your cabinets will have a nice smell. You may do it on a monthly basis by adding more tap water into the soap solution.

Why is it so hard to hit a cockroach? Cockroaches have 440 wind sensor hairs on both side of its tail. It enables the cockroach to escape in 44/1000 of a second to dodge incoming attacks.


Mosquitoes likes to hang out around places that have plants. The solution is to plant some garlic in the house. The chocking smell of garlic scares away mosquitoes, even the big commando mosquitoes that come after a rain. If you don't want to plant garlic in the house, you may choose to hang little sacks of garlic. In summary, they hate garlic smell.

Why are there big flocks of mosquitoes before dawn and dusk? They are mostly males and are mating in the air; they do not mate well in direct sunlight or complete darkness. Scientific studies also show that the perfect mating condition is the brightness of a single candle, also preferably light with a green tone over red. If environment allows, they also like to mate 30-60cm above fresh cow dung.


The author of the article used to work in a bakery, here's what they did: Slice a fresh lemon into halves, squeeze the lemon on the areas where ants gather, rub the lemon (flesh side) along it's path.
Ants have exceptional sense of sight which guides them back home. They can even tell their way home by observing the position of the sun. Some ants also leave a scent on the path they took to guide themselves home. So if you rub a finger across their path, the ants will become confused.
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