Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family Guy : Quest for Stuff (printscreen)

I received some requests for screen capture of my town in Family Guy : Quest for Stuff (iOS) game.

My biggest section is the restaurant and retail shops surrounding a volcano from the previous mummy quests.

Two separate sections for public buildings. Police station, fire station and hospital in one slot, schools and playgrounds in the other.

Chinatown area. I spent most of my coins exploring the entire map cos I like to space out my buildings and decorations.

Entertainment area. Cinemas, carnivals, amusement parks and zoo.

No I did not use real money to buy clams or whatever game credits cos I do not believe in monetary advantages. I prefer hard work in return for satisfaction. Some of these items are drops and quest rewards. Again, I do not pay real money for intangibles.

There are no cheats or hacks that I know of for this game. There's also nowhere you can enter codes (impulse_101?).

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