Friday, August 29, 2014

How to get rid of Ants, Mosquitoes and Cockroaches?

I came across this Chinese article some time ago on how to get rid of ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches. I'm not sure how useful this article is, but am gonna translate this article so that you "ang mo pai" (who are having pest problems) can read it...


Cockroaches like to hide in our kitchens. What you can do is, get a piece of bar soap and chop it into many small pieces. Put these small pieces of soap into a container and add tap water. Spray into cabinets and kitchen closets/cupboards. Within a few days, you will realise that the cockroaches have escaped. Plus your cabinets will have a nice smell. You may do it on a monthly basis by adding more tap water into the soap solution.

Why is it so hard to hit a cockroach? Cockroaches have 440 wind sensor hairs on both side of its tail. It enables the cockroach to escape in 44/1000 of a second to dodge incoming attacks.


Mosquitoes likes to hang out around places that have plants. The solution is to plant some garlic in the house. The chocking smell of garlic scares away mosquitoes, even the big commando mosquitoes that come after a rain. If you don't want to plant garlic in the house, you may choose to hang little sacks of garlic. In summary, they hate garlic smell.

Why are there big flocks of mosquitoes before dawn and dusk? They are mostly males and are mating in the air; they do not mate well in direct sunlight or complete darkness. Scientific studies also show that the perfect mating condition is the brightness of a single candle, also preferably light with a green tone over red. If environment allows, they also like to mate 30-60cm above fresh cow dung.


The author of the article used to work in a bakery, here's what they did: Slice a fresh lemon into halves, squeeze the lemon on the areas where ants gather, rub the lemon (flesh side) along it's path.
Ants have exceptional sense of sight which guides them back home. They can even tell their way home by observing the position of the sun. Some ants also leave a scent on the path they took to guide themselves home. So if you rub a finger across their path, the ants will become confused.
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Home's Favourite Mooncakes

Snow-skin Top Grade Black Gold Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake

$76 / 4pcs

It's $2 more than the legendary Goodwood Park Hotel Snowskin Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake (before 20% Citibank, DBS/POSB, UOB discount)

That means.. It's $19 per Mooncake, but I guess we're also paying for the gold flakes, nice gift box packaging and their fancy flash website.

Taste wise, I like it. A Singaporean knows a good durian when he/she tastes one.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family Guy : Quest for Stuff (printscreen)

I received some requests for screen capture of my town in Family Guy : Quest for Stuff (iOS) game.

My biggest section is the restaurant and retail shops surrounding a volcano from the previous mummy quests.

Two separate sections for public buildings. Police station, fire station and hospital in one slot, schools and playgrounds in the other.

Chinatown area. I spent most of my coins exploring the entire map cos I like to space out my buildings and decorations.

Entertainment area. Cinemas, carnivals, amusement parks and zoo.

No I did not use real money to buy clams or whatever game credits cos I do not believe in monetary advantages. I prefer hard work in return for satisfaction. Some of these items are drops and quest rewards. Again, I do not pay real money for intangibles.

There are no cheats or hacks that I know of for this game. There's also nowhere you can enter codes (impulse_101?).

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I came to realise I'm not very photogenic.. Hahaha..

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kill 10 Stewies in 1 Bomb (part 6)

I'm gonna talk about how to Family Guy : Quest for Stuff game on the iOS platform, which current Comicon quest is to kill the little Stewie monster critters running around your town. 

If you wait for them to collide at one spot, the maximum kill you get is 15. However the mission/quest part 6 requires you to kill 10 of the minions in one shot. Here's how you do it..

1. Find yourself a spot; try not to zoom in too much cos you don't wanna re-adjust your scope after that. Preferably the spot doesn't have much clickable objects like stationary characters or buildings. I recommend a good cross junctions where the roads meet. Center the junction to the middle of your screen, which will help later..

2. Camp for Stewies that come in your direction (TOWARDS the middle of cross junction or screen)

3. Tap them so that they stay in the spot squirting ink. You wanna keep as many there as possible. 

4. When there's sufficient Stewies stationary in view, quickly tap the bomb button so that they don't run too far from your AOE (area of effect).

5. There you have 10-15 Stewies bombed in one shot! GLHF

What maze? I don't even need to destroy my landscape to kill 15 Stewies

Hungry Ghost Festival Offerings 中元節

I'm not sure if today's the last day of 中元節 Hungry Ghost Festival (aka Lunar Seventh Month), but I see a lot of massive worships/offerings in my neighbourhood; including roast poultry, seafood, fruits and other staples..

Massive burning of incense, joss paper etc

Razer Kraken 7.1 Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset (Model No.: RZ04-0101)

I'm not a hardcore gamer or audio-maniac. The only two games I play are DotA2 and CS:GO and I play both on a laptop. So the time arose that I need a headset/headphone when I couldn't accurately pinpoint the direction of footsteps and my voice command is really noisy (full of static). Of cos I don't blame my laptop, it's not even Alienware. I needed something that runs on USB instead of 35mm jack. 

So I was deciding between the Siberia Elite and Razer Kraken when Razer sent me a newsletter with a slight discount and the new L33T pack; and I thought why not.

The Razer Kraken 7.1 is around SGD168 (after discount) takes them 3 working day to process and 1-2 days for their courier to deliver. I kicked a big fuss and the receptionist personally delivered me my Kraken after work (around 8pm.. Yea I'm kinda nasty) to my doorstep!

The new L33T pack lanyard (bottom) with the older version which I got in Australia.

For those who are unfamiliar, 5.1 or 7.1 means surround sound. For headsets, there's usually a sound card/chip that simulates the surround sound, so don't mistaken it for a headband that straps 5 mini speakers around your forehead. It's not magic, but I personally feel and appreciate the directional sensitivity especially when I'm trying to accomplish a clutch situation. 

So underneath the leatherette cushion pad of the left speaker (gently slip it off or unwrap) is it's registration number which you will use for your warranty. You may wanna register it in the Razer Synapse 2.0 program so you can authorise other programs such as Razer Surround at the same time. For Razer 7.1 users, you won't be needing the Razer Surround software as it's already in-built. 

What I like about the Razer Kraken 7.1 is that it's lightweight and really comfortable. I've used many headphones which you feel that it's suffocating your ears and you are dying to take it off between every match; these Krakens have really nice and comfy pads that keeps you going for hours.

I'm very happy with the audio, robust bass and clean high/low tones. Then again I'm not an audio-maniac, so it's a bonus. In the first match that I used these Krakens, the awp shots and grenade explosions felt really solid. 

The mic is fantastic for the price I'm paying. It's smart enough not to pick up the noise from the standing fan which I have blasting at me 24-7. Also it compliments my melodious rants and swear words when I lose a game.

Best part, it looks really sexy aesthetically sitting on your head. It doesn't make you look like an awkward Hatsune Miku. Also when you are not using it, you may fold it and it sits beautifully on your table/desk (I refuse to pay $50 for a headphone stand).

Tech Specs for the Geeks

System Requirements
- PC/Mac with USB port
- Windows 8/7/Vista Mac OS X (10.6-10.8)
- Internet connection (for driver installation)
- At least 100MB free hard disk space

Drivers: 40mm neodymium magnets
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 32 ohm
Sensitivity at 1kHz: 112dB
Output power: 30mW
Connector: Gold played USB
Cable length: 2m/6.56ft braided USB cable
Weight: 340g

Frequency response: 100Hz-12kHz
Sensitivity at 1kHz:  -40dB +- 4dB
Signal-to-noise-ratio: 63dB
Pick-up pattern: Omnidirectional

Not sexy enough? Here's Aniki 趙辰祥 (one of my favouritest Taiwanese model) posing with what I believe is the Razer Kraken Pro Neon Series (green).

Some people may experience Kraken failing to work in-game. What you have to do is to right click on the little speaker icon on your desktop (bottom right), select Playback devices, set Headset Earphone as default device and communication device (you may also like to disable the former speakers).

In CS:GO, under Options, Audio Setting, you may wanna select Headphones or 5.1 Speakers depending on your personal preference. Your call.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

SKYFORCE 2014 (iOS) pew pew pew

Today I'm going to talk about this very awesome game - SKYFORCE 2014 on the iOS platform. Many years ago, it was one of the best symbian game that everyone played on their Nokia phones. During then there were three planes to choose from - one being the normal default plane, the second is more tanky but moves slower and the last one is swift but paper. There are only like 5 stages for you to beat your own hi-score.

This year, SKYFORCE brings players to a whole new level of game play. You only get one red plane, but there're so many awesome add-ons and side quests. Let's take a look at some screenies..

Every stage has 4 objectives:
1. Collect 70% of stars
2. Destroy 100% of enemy forces
3. Rescue all people
4. Stay untouched

Cinematics for Final Boss fight (Stage 8)

Clearing each of the objectives, gives you permanent bonus points on your next attempt on the stage. 
The best part of this game is that you can take your time to practice every stage and you don't even need an internet connection.

So basically like any other shooters, you just fly your plane around the map pew-pew-pewing at enemy planes, helicopters, tanks, cruisers, infrastructure. Try to collect power up drops and rescue hostages/survivors, you don't have to if you don't feel like it. 

Once you've completed all 4 objectives, you unlock the HARD version of the stage and INSANE version thereafter. Each level of difficulty gives you bonus star multipliers. Bonus stages unlocks with sufficient objectives cleared, pretty straight-forward.

Destroyed enemies drop stars, you collect them to upgrade your plane

1. Health - makes you tanky
2. Main Cannon - stronger pew 
3. Wing Cannon - two additonal pews
4. Magnet - sucks in the stars nearby
5. Missiles - automatic enemy seeking pew
6. Laser - concentrated short blast of pew
7. Energy Shield - a shield that protects you from pews for a short period of time
8. Mega Bomb - destroys all the enemies in an area 

Everyone has their own strategy to how they want to upgrade their planes. As for myself, I believe in practising how to dodge pews while focusing on one objective at a time; Meaning, I will never try to destroy 100% and rescue all the hostages at the same time.

The game drops Collector cards randomly. I've collected 6 currently, they give some kinda bonus like faster upgrading time, bonus fire rate (which is awesome) etc etc. You will need to complete the stage where you find the card, in order to keep it.

Stage 8 Final Boss 
complete credit and cinematics

The beauty of this game is it's simplicity. Everything is so intuitive, you feel clever playing it and the great sense of satisfaction for your choice of hard-earned upgrade. I never spent a cent buying credits in games (well, not any more). This game doesn't even use your data. This is the one game that will make you miss your stop if you take public transport.

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Sending the girlfriend off at Changi Airport

Beautiful day

The famous terminal 3 departure hall

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Busy Week

Pick up the girlfriend from airport yesterday 

Watch her play with my nephew for 4 hours

Dinner at Fengshan Hawker (Bedok 85)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hungry Ghost Festival Encounter 中元節鬼故事

Today I'm gonna share a true ghost story about the lunar seventh month, better known as hungry ghost festival. 

When I was much younger, I had a childhood family friend. So this dude noticed that when his parents are making offerings, they tell the invisible spirits where they stay and they are here to make offerings.. Blah blah blah..

Being a dumb kid, he thought he would be clever to write their phone number and address on a piece of paper and burn it together with the incense paper (offerings). 

Later that night, their phone rang and when his parents picked up the phone, it was some strange mumbling. Dismissing the thought that it was a prank call, they hung up. Five minutes later, the phone rang again and it was the mumbling. So the parents warned that they would "call police" if the prank calls were to continue.

Another five minutes later, the "prank call" came again and they decided to unplug the telephone cord. However, another five minutes later, the unplugged phone rang again. Realising it was a paranormal activity, they questioned my friend and the truth came to light. So they made another offering and asked not to be disturbed. 

This is a true incident which happened more than twenty years ago. I have many other first-hand encounters you can ask me about when u buy me coffee. 

Happy hungry ghost festival, everyone!