Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pulau Ubin Adventures

Jon and myself decided to go to Pulau Ubin for the Hari Raya public holiday to do some cycling as we were getting really fat and useless.

Pulau Ubin is a small rural island not far from Singapore, valued for the rustic landscape and wildlife (one of the favourite spot for bird watchers), an excellent getaway from the concrete jungle.

The bum boat ride departs from Changi Village/Point on the East side of Singapore. The 15min boat ride costs $2.50 per pax.

There are restaurants, toilet facilities and Npark wardens on the island. However it is advised that you bring along your own drinking water, insect repellent and trash bags so you don't litter on the island.

Arrival at Pulau Ubin jetty shortly. The island was packed with foreigners (Bangladeshi, Malaysians, Chinese Nationals) while we are happy to share the island with.

We rented bicycles $6 (more expensive on weekends and public holidays), one of the shops tried to rip us off with $13 bicycles so we went to another shop. Nasty! 

You may also opt for the island taxi service if you don't feel like walking or cycling.

There used to be an iconic Thai Temple which has been relocated to Punggol.

Nature Boardwalk at Chek Jawi. You may wanna check the tidal timings before coming. During low tide, you can see lots of swamp creatures such as crabs, mudskippers, loch nest monsters etc. 

On quieter non-public holidays and weekdays, I've spotted wild boars, eagles, monitor lizards and snakes.

The Nipah plant which produces atap seeds.

The scenic lookout was repainted and provides breathtaking treetop view of the beautiful island; the tower has a maximum capacity of 20pax at one time.

Muslim cemetery where early residents were buried standing.

One of the quarries. Swimming was allowed in the older days until school kids drowned and paranormal incidences started to happen.

Boy fishing at the Noonan campsite.

One of the bicycle trails. Jonapong got attacked by mosquitoes while my rancid blood proved unappetising for them.

Malaysian visitors climbed trees for their fill of rambutans along the pathways. Kampung experts indubitably. 

Monkeys were spotted swinging from tree to tree.

Nordin Campsite was closed for reconstruction, however did not stop the Chinese Nationals who broke through the fences. 

We were looking into a fruit plantation (not exactly loitering outside) before the friendly resident invited us in to check out the rambutans which were in season.

We offered to help the old man harvest his rambutans which he intended to sell to the fruit vendor at Changi village. Jon and I also helped burn dry twigs and leaves which was supposed to ward off mosquitoes and wild animals.

We were later rewarded with sweet rambutans freshly plucked off the trees and coconuts.

Another quarry at Pulau Ubin.

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