Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jack's Place (Century Square) - Disappointing!

Six years ago, my family went to Jack's Place (Century Square) to celebrate my birthday. We waved frantically and waited forever for a staff to attend to us and when one finally did (after 15min), she persistently tried to hard sell us some of the meals we insisted on not having. We did not enjoy the dining experience and boycotted the outlet since.

Today is my dad's birthday. My mum decided to give Jack's Place (Century Square) since it's near our place. The restaurant was quiet with 5 service staff serving 3 tables on the floor at 8:35pm. Service was prompt and welcoming. Immediately after the meal, I spotted the shift supervisor and told her that I would like to order a cake to be served (discreetly) after the main meal.

Soon we finished our meals and our table was cleared. I peeked at the manager walking into the kitchen and excitedly anticipated the birthday surprise. I could hear her chattering away loudly with the kitchen staff. After waiting for 15min, she exited and kitchen to proceed with the closing procedure.

Knowing that she had forgotten about the cake, I decided to leave. My dad left with a disappointed look on his face. The cashier who overheard my conversation earlier with the supervisor whispered to me "the cake?" I sighed and shook my head. She had an embarrassed look on her face.

The food was delicious, however a disappointing experience for my family. As a BA Business, MHRM, I could pinpoint the root for service failure - recruitment. 

Such a shame, see you in 6 years, maybe.

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