Monday, August 19, 2013

Share House Tales

4 years ago, 4 Norwegian girls came and set up a system where every room had a duty day when we empty the thrash, also we had a common fund ($1 each month) to buy thrash bags, dish washer detergent etc. After they left, it was a period of chaos (somewhat). Now the 4 Indians in my house set up a common fund as well (35ct each month). 
I reckon it's social fairness in their cultural perspective of communal living. They don't get paid for organising everything, it's just a form of social leadership.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jack's Place (Century Square) - Disappointing!

Six years ago, my family went to Jack's Place (Century Square) to celebrate my birthday. We waved frantically and waited forever for a staff to attend to us and when one finally did (after 15min), she persistently tried to hard sell us some of the meals we insisted on not having. We did not enjoy the dining experience and boycotted the outlet since.

Today is my dad's birthday. My mum decided to give Jack's Place (Century Square) since it's near our place. The restaurant was quiet with 5 service staff serving 3 tables on the floor at 8:35pm. Service was prompt and welcoming. Immediately after the meal, I spotted the shift supervisor and told her that I would like to order a cake to be served (discreetly) after the main meal.

Soon we finished our meals and our table was cleared. I peeked at the manager walking into the kitchen and excitedly anticipated the birthday surprise. I could hear her chattering away loudly with the kitchen staff. After waiting for 15min, she exited and kitchen to proceed with the closing procedure.

Knowing that she had forgotten about the cake, I decided to leave. My dad left with a disappointed look on his face. The cashier who overheard my conversation earlier with the supervisor whispered to me "the cake?" I sighed and shook my head. She had an embarrassed look on her face.

The food was delicious, however a disappointing experience for my family. As a BA Business, MHRM, I could pinpoint the root for service failure - recruitment. 

Such a shame, see you in 6 years, maybe.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shout out: Tong

Hi Tong,

It gives me great pleasure to meet you today at Hanami Sushi Bar + Dining (Riverside).
Thanks for being able to recognise me through my blog.
Hope you continue to enjoy photography and Brisbane, Australia's new world city!
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A comic I drew ages ago..
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Movie World visit with the Student Ambassadors 2013

Terry, myself and James


Lunch Time

Marilyn Monroe

Warner Bros. Parade

Wonder Woman

Edward Scissorshand with Paul and Remo


Photos Courtesy of Adonil Paul Avestruz Mariano
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This lady giving away free money on 21 Dec 2012 on the bus
(supposedly the end of world)

watch video here
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Appearance on Shanghai TV

Appearance on two episodes of CITY BEAT
It's a tv show in Shanghai

watch first episode here

watch second episode here
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AMBCQ Dinner at Parliament House

Attended an AMBCQ BBQ Dinner event at the Parliament House
with Lawrence Springborg MP and Freya Ostapovitch MP

Special thanks for the invitation from Kiong and Shona

Addition to the family - Baby Alvar

Our chefs - Jones Yuen and Sapphira Toh

David Lin (LNP candidate, Rankin)

Matthew Bourke, Councillor Jamboree Ward
Freya Ostapovitch, MP Stretton

Lawrence Springborg, Queensland Minster of Health

watch video here
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Superb view of the Story Bridge
Great list of wine and sake

Lunch Boxes/Meals
like Teriyaki Chicken with Miso Soup, Salad and Rice

Tasty sushi/sashimi at VERY affordable prices

111 Eagle Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Located right below Friday's
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Sunday, January 27, 2013


For people living alone like myself,
we know that washing clothes is a b*tch
Always having to deal with washing machines that does a sloppy job
and we're too cheap to throw it back into the machine
knowing we'll have to be responsible for the following utility bill

this cool new washing machine could be our savior

The unique ecobubble technology creates thousands of tiny bubbles
that envelop your clothes in a cushion of foam
getting to work up to 40 times faster than a normal water/detergent mix
and providing a more powerful cleaning solution at much lower wash temperatures

A 15C ecobubble wash gives the same result as a traditional 40C cotton wash
saving around 70% energy on every load

On top of that, the VRT (Vibration Reduction Techonology)
and quiet drive motor (that works without belts or gears) ensure
you don't get all the painful "earthquake" noise after a long day at university/work

Best of all, the machines are pretty with a nice LCD screen!

Check out this hilarious video clip

7KG - Quite Drive Motor

8KG - Quiet Drive Motor + VRT
Capacity around 40 t-shirts

12KG - Quiet Drive Motor + VRT
Big enough for double duvet/doona

Screw hand washing!
With the efficient and effective washing technology
we (guys) can just dump everything in the washer
set to Ecobubble and Cool Wash
without worrying about getting holes in our expensive cotton t-shirts

How cool is that?

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