Friday, June 22, 2012

Fête de la Musique - Brisbane 2012


It's World Music Day (21 June) again!

Fête de la Musique started out in France 1981 and has been celebrated worldwide since..

Brisbane celebrates the festival with more than 450 ctities all over the world
With more than 300 performances, I'm here today at Brisbane CBD Queen Street to catch a few

Dan Acfield
Indie Pop singer-songwriter

Panda and the Bears
Eclectic Misadventure Pop Band
André: Percussion
Declan: Tuba and Trombone
Jake: Trumpet
Matt: Violin
Zander: Ukulele and Vocals
Zinia: Keys and Soprano Sax

Bec Laughton
Soul/Pop Singer

The Captain's Daughters
Folk/Alternative/Pop Band
Meredith Barker - Vocals, Percussion and profound loveliness
Lucinda Johnson - Vocals, Guitar, Glock, Percussion and more loveliness
Lucy Thomas - Vocals, Piano, Percussion, with added loveliness
Nick Lythall - Vocals, Guitar, Glock, Percussion, and general hairiness
Tim Orchard - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion and extreme hairiness

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