Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MAY LYN @ GRILL'D (West End)

We were gathered at GRILL'D (West End) yesterday
to support May Lyn (mayo550) for her mini concert!

 "I reason with my cigarette and say your hair's on fire 
you must have lost your wits - yeah"

May Lyn performing Pumped Up Kicks (cover)

Laura came to support too..

Of cos it was also Tuesday Night
so, there were free chips for all, and free drinks for students
(from left) Myself, Hussain (BiSA Saudi Arabia) and Dexter

International Fans and Friends with May Lyn

My mate, Phillip brought Kyle along to enjoy the music and company!

Other Singaporean supporters - Leon, Adam and Mariam

Have a great Winter/May 2012! 

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