Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brisbane Sovereign Embassy - The Eviction

This morning 250 odd police officers had Musgrave Park surrounded

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Surrounding roads were cordoned off from public access

A line of spectators gathered at Cordelia Street by 7AM

The Embassy members guarded their Sacred Fire

Negotiations began

Channel 7 and Channel Ten helicopters rovering above the area

Police officers keeping people out of the Musgrave Park boundary

Supporting spectators formed up along Cordelia Street

Anglo-Australians wearing the Aboriginal Flag
and began chanting "Always was, always will be Aboriginal Land"

Spotted: Cr. Helen Abrahams

Indigenous people from the around area came to support
(4th from left) Local Aboriginal Activist/Murri Community Worker, Sam Watson

watch video here

Delivering a message from within the fence by phone

Negotiations failed and police moved in
arrested 31 people while the rest chained themselves together

Hulk Hogan

The Embassy was taken over and the aboriginals salvaged the Sacred Fire

Blowing the fire up
Watch the video below, it's amazing!
At 8:58, this dude ate a burning coal!

watch video here

The Embassy members marched to Jaggera Hall in song and dance

People living in West End joins in

Hamish Cairns with his Leica M2

Embassy Leaders addresses their people

Original site of the Sacred Fire

Negotiations to let three of them enter the site to retrieve their Sacred Objects

The protesters and supporters marched to Parliament House
to demand Cr. Newman to remove his Aboriginal flag pin
which was received by Police barricades to protect QUT students and visitors of City Botanic Gardens

The protesters then marched to Police Watch House

watch video here

Police guarded the Queensland Police Headquarters
as the mob marches pass

Aboriginal people angry with Queensland Premier Campbell Newman's statement
about the Embassy being a squatters' camp

Police Watch House

Arrested Embassy members were released

Wayne "Coco" Wharton released, holding his bail conditions paper

Jack Black
(Nah.. that's Harrison Saragossi)

The wait continues...

More photos here
Brisbane Sovereign Embassy at Musgrave Park

Eviction of Brisbane Soverign Embassy Musgrave Park
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