Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brisbane Sovereign Embassy at Musgrave Park

Indigenous people have set up a Sovereign Camp at Musgrave Park some two months ago
121 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane
Originally known as South Brisbane Recreation Reserve, the park was created in 1856
The park holds special significance to the local indigenous population of the native Murri people
due to a past restriction barring aboriginies from crossing the park and entering the city of Brisbane

On Saturdays, they hold Open Mic Night
when all are welcomed to join in for a golden coin donation

I spoke to some of the people there and was told that
the Embassy serves as an information centre for indigenous sovereign rights
Also because food and shelter is provided, crime rates have dropped since

This is the Sacred Fire of Sovereignity
Also, the site of a buried Bora Ring
where indidenous people sit around to solve problems, hold weddings, circumcision etc

Media has flooded the site lately as Premier Campbell Newman called on Aboriginal "squatters" occupying a section of Musgrave Park to move on ahead of the weekend's Paniyiri Greek festival, indicating police would be made available to evict them if needed
Also, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk paid a visit to the site on Saturday, on advice from Brisbane indigenous elders, to tell the the members "it was time to move on"; also offered the group an alternative site at Musgrave Park that is set aside for Indigenous purposes

I took a little tour at Musgrave Park today
and what surprised me were their comprehensive infrastructure
on top of the welcoming and peaceful atmosphere

There were plenty of food, shelter, supplies
The drug/alcohol-free Embassy was pretty much self-sufficient

They even have an administrative office
equiped with computers, wi-fi, printer, filing cabinet etc

This afternoon, fences were erected around the Embassy

I was told that the fencing are soley for safety reasons
and supplied by Unionists to support Paniyiri Festival

watch video here

The Embassy dog, Homer J. Simpson

Sunset at the Embassy

Children playing the didgeridoo around the Bora Ring

Bora Ring after dark

Urgent Community Meeting

Australian Greens spokesman came to offer assistance

Tent Leaders

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