Friday, April 20, 2012


I received many enquiries about
what you can do during the weekends

besides visiting Farmers Markets, staying at home to watch 康熙来了 or
catching a $5.50 movie at SouthBank cinema

Here's what I did on a Sunday.
As most of you readers probably already know that I'm an avid photographer
I would GOOGLE events and stuff to attend..

Visited TEAM QUIRK LAUNCH at Doomben Racecourse
(above) Current Premier of Queensland, Cr. Campbell Newman

(above) Current Lord Mayor, Cr. Graham Quirk giving a speech about Spirit of Brisbane
Brisbane will be having our Mayoral Elections on 28 April 2012 (Saturday)
Candidates as below:
Rory Killen
Andrew Bartlett (The Greens)
Ray Smith (ALP)
Chris Carson
Graham Quirk (LNP)
May the best man win!

Taking a stroll along Doomben Railway
Lots of photo opportunities in that area..

Antique Shop

River Cruise on the CityCat is always my best bet
It's like $3-$4 for concession
and you can take lots of nice photos from the river

The 19th CityCat - Spirit of Brisbane
Launched on 04 October 2011
Decorated in distinctive colours, blue for the sky and river; green for new growth after the floods; maroon for the Queensland spirit and yellow in recognition of the way the sun shone through the clouds to help dry up the flood waters. Inside the Spirit of Brisbane there is also a permanent display of photographs taken during the flood clean-up.

I'm always fascinated with these "Power Towers"
cos we don't have them in Singapore
and they look kinda like Tesla Coils from the C&C Red Alert game

Winchcombe Carson Woolstore
The oldest woolstore in the Teneriffe area
Now a condominium apartment
2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom for about $550/week

The 17th CityCat - Gootcha
Launched on 01 July 2010
emblazoned with the striking artwork of award-winning Brisbane artist Judy Watson
"Gootcha" is the indigenous name for Toowong

The nice house opposite Brisbane Powerhouse
that looks like a Haunted Mansion..
Love it!

Brisbane Powerhouse

Story Bridge Climb
Adult $89-$130
Concession $75.65-$110.50
If you wanna take photographs during your climb
you have to book a special Photographic Climb on special days

Gregory Moore performing at Queen Street Mall

watch video here

Suellen Cusack 

watch video here

Haven't seen a VHS Recorder for a long long time

Went to do a Radio Show for LalaLand 啦啦世界
Used to DJ there a couple of years ago
You can tune in to FM98.1 every Sunday 10PM (Brisbane) 8PM (Singapore)
or stream live at

(left to right from top)
Joel, 小明(myself), V老师, 豆浆

watch video here

Getting ready for Penny Tai 'Home Live' Australia Tour
concert on 21 April 2012 (Saturday) at Hillsong Brisbane
Tickets $58/$98/$198 SOLD OUT

Played with Border Collie Puppies at Cr. Angela Owen-Taylor's place
They are both 8 weeks old, very energetic fluff balls

Can't tell them apart?
This one is Male, has pointy ears and two dots on his muzzle

This one is Female, has droopy ears and poopy smell

Surfin' at Gold Coast
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