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I just realised today that this is my 10th year blogging..
To celebrate this milestone, let's take a walk down memory lane.

Once upon a time, BLOGGING were just like boring diaries for the intellects
Most geeks had personal websites hosted by Geocities and Angelfire
The famous blogs were of those which had fanciful gif images and quizzes
which after you can copy the HTML and paste it on your blogs
Blogging wasn't very popular till digital cameras became affordable
Naturally the age of awakening started when mobile phones had cameras!
Also, most Singaporeans discovered that it was COOL to bitch on blogs
and enjoy "value-added" friendships by "linking" each others' blogs;
which is also when the problem starts coming in.
The government and institutions, with their IT genius,
began to hunt down bad remarks about themselves
(and of course socially unacceptable contents)
If you have never heard of Friendster/ICQ/mIRC
you probably have no idea what I'm talking about..

Unfortunately, a lot of my photos were deleted cos several image hosting sites collapsed
and I did not blog about work and national service related stuff..
So here's what I salvaged, enjoy!

MOHAWK - Temasek Polytechnic Student Union
led by Yee Ping and Chong Guang

Action Sampler (35mm Lomography)
with Yang at Peninsula Hotel, City Hall

Part of my school projects - CAPTAIN GREEN
about environmental conservation

watch video here

Yumi Chen's Birthday
She was one of the very rare international students around

Business Studies Club EXCO at Dinner and Dance

Evidence that Singapore had WIFI on Public Transport since 2007


Jay (during his skinnier days) and Adrian at Genting
It's a resort in Malaysia where Singaporeans visit for its cool weather,
awesome theme parks and casino for the adults

On the Cable Car - Sentosa
Terry (right) is doing his first semester in Brisbane now!

One of my favourite place in Singapore - Pulau Ubin
This was a really memorable cycling trip!
The old man is the Village Chief

Keng Mun got Vandalised

My favourite pen that has an afro on one end

My buddy, Adrian with Fibi (dog)
We would play MONSTER HUNTER (PSP) at his place
Don't be misguided by his tatts, he tops Accounting Faculty

I don't think kids today write letters
It beats sending an email, FB message or Whatsapp anytime

Yong Kang, one of the nicest guy in Singapore I reckon
Quiet, reserved and only speaks the nicest words

Adrian and Jun Wen at my secret hideout

H08 at some ice-cream cafe in Siglap

Legendary Amanda, quit school after getting caught for wrong dress code

Tampines Mart McDonalds' - our regular study place

My lil bro, Matt!

Can't speak a word in Mandarin..

Once upon a time, every boy plays computer games at a LAN SHOP
Half Life, Counterstrike, DotA.. etc

Business School Freshmen Orientation
Always full of energy!

School Excursion to Pulau Ubin
It is one of the last rural areas to be found in Singapore,
with an abundance of natural flora and fauna.

大头 - whom I always copy my assignments from
Anyone noticed that I rebonded my hair?

Laura eating a McSpicy
This localised product by McDonalds' is similar to KFC's Zinger, only better!

Group Project at Wilson's
Spent 90% of the time playing Defense of the Ancients

watch video here

Rainie (TAS) at one of her hometown restaurant near Boat Quay
Can't remember where she was from,
but we had very spicy roast meats and vegetables

A lot of people have asked me about Singapore's indigenious people
These are a few, from a particular subculture
Pretty cool eh?

Vivo City - when it first opened

Sok Wei at TopTable (TCA) supporting our juniors

I think the tutor's name is Lily Lim
Really kind and patient teacher whom we often took advantage of

Wei Wei with Singapore's favourite Cup Noodles - NISSIN

Classroom Shenanigans - I was holding BumbleBee (Transformers)
Chin and Aaron looking annoyed with Wilson and myself

Planning a Malaysia Road Trip with Jun Wen
It did actualise!

Nic Tam trying to kill Leon (6 prata kosong + syrup limau guy)
Nic does some extreme BMX shit
that always got his nose, arm, legs broken

Peggy appeared on a book cover (from left), The Bible and Grimms' Fairy Tales

I would sit on the stairs and daydream for hours

Night Cycling Clique - James, Ziyi, Adrian
We do not have helmet regulations in Singapore by the way
Jealous much?

watch video here

Wei Wei and Cheryl's Cat

My phone had a lot of ornaments - like a Japanese Girl

The Events Company I worked at..

Doing crazy things at Mr. Prata (24-hour Indian Muslim Restaurant)
I believe every Singaporean has his/her favourite "Prata Shop"

Prawning with Jun Wen (buddies since 1998)
Used to do that a lot till one day I start feeling compassionate about the poor prawns

Infra-Red Technology
We could transfer photos and funny gif images to each other like that
Then there was Bluetooth and 3G

My cousin and nephew, all grown up now!

Pok's birthday with Yang and Wen

Fun Times with Kenny and James

watch video here

TOYS R US with Jean

Some chalet with Jolene

Filming a webisode with CMM people

watch video here

watch video here

watch video here

Used to collect these diligently at 7 Eleven
They make taking your phone out of your pocket very irritating

Peppermint Tea and Sheesha at Arab Street

Uniquely H08

Doing a Psychology Video Project about some Rice Cooker
featuring Chun Kit as THE GENIE

watch video here

One of my MANY blogs featured on Lianhe Wanbao
about inconsiderate public commuters
The New Paper named me "Public Watchdog"

Acting Emo was kinda the fun and "IN" thing to do

One of my video production featured on U-Weekly Magazine
for making fun of Takuya Kimura's GATSBY commercial

watch video here

BSC Event - I was Captain Hook
I'm like the bad guy with evil plans and
everyone has to work together to complete quests

watch video here

Bark Cafe with Jean's Mum
Located in one of the less populated areas in the East
We simply love chillin' there
Oh and they have amazing deep-fried chicken wings

One of my buddy, Hakim whom we bumped into on a bus
He's kinda indigenous too

Genting Trip - Acting cool with Jon and Guanzuo
You see we actually make trips to Genting very often
cos it's dirt cheap

Preparing Rosti with Unice and Rahim for our Culinary Elective Assignment

Crazy times with Wilson and Mason

15 Lessons with my loves - Matt, James and Doice

Our elitist team won 3 consecutive years champion in Business Sports Meet
The gentlemen in grey is Mr. Pras, one of the most loved teacher in poly

Jean poking fun of our tutor, Mr. Shen Yue Shan
However, that actually looks like my handwriting =_="

Ivy loves Mr. Shen

watch video here

The video above has been viewed 38 times
before it was flagged down by our course conveynor LOL

Long before your time, Mark Advent (Eighth Wonder)
came to pitch for Sentosa's Casino
We were given a preview of the Business Plan by Mark himself
Not many of us survived the lengthy presentation


HOLGA GCFN - I took pride in taking photos in 120 format

Lucky only eats human food and could walk on two legs
Crazy dog thinks he's human

MOHAWK at some chalet

Ah Na, Cat and myself share the same birthday
and we love to celebrate together at McDonalds'

Naturally, this was my signature pose

Chunkit, Jean and Guanzuo were three of the craziest friends I've had
Not convinced?

watch video here

Hospitality Training at TCA

Boys will be Boys

I created a pretty popular series which was removed by Youtube
together with my old account for some policy violation

In this one, people from all walks of life share their ghostly encounters

Posters back then were made with Microsoft PowerPoint or Publisher
Only the rare few geeks mastered Adobe Photoshop

watch video here

In Loving Memory of my best friend, Tasha
September 21, 2007

Being extremely active in Union and Clubs
That justifies for my 2,719 Facebook friends - TRUE STORY

OPHIX did a rather crazy horror production
watch video here

Police Motto "Be Safe, Don't Be Sorry"
was pretty much the "IN" thing too back then

I was the go-to-guy for Videography
Above is an article from a school magazine
Btw that account was deleted when Google took over

This was probably a Batman parody

As Entry Level DSLRs became common
ADSL2 supported the massive file sizes coming through the blogs
Chillax Days with Edwin and Valley Pong

Practice my Chinese Caligraphy once in a while..
I've always believed in conserving traditional Chinese values

Weirdest yet most interesting birthday present
from my bro, Monster James

Atako, buddies since 1990
We used to play CONTRA together

Ayozi, 好学力行 but VERY smelly

Chinese New Year Fried Rice at JYZB's house

Emo_Tat16 , forever sleeping during lectures

Anh and Tony, one of my first few Vietnamese friends
Spent a lot of time just hanging out and learning vulgarities from each other

Lil Eve, about 12cm shorter than me
I think that's a thumb drive (USB stick) hanging on my neck
These portable drives used to be really expensive
like $70 for 125MB

One of the hardest days of my life with Jonapong
Collecting cooler boxes and getting exploited

However I enjoyed doing up the chalk boards daily

Edwin Gan, 3 Subways a day 365 days a year

Do not try this at home
We were just fooling around with a plastic knife

Colleagues Farewell Dinner (self funded)

Jingxian, one of the most evil person on Earth

My bro, Edwin at one of his soccer finals for MyJia FC
Beautiful f/2.8L bokeh from 70-200mm

Kane took good care of us basketball boys
Always like an elder brother to all of us

In loving memory of Nicole
18 August 2009

#1 Letter from my Primary School Classmate (vintage)
#2 Motorola Pager (yes i'm actually that old)

#3 Ludo's Canine Teeth (after he was put to sleep) 

Ayu Matsura was one of my all-time favourite J-Idol
Muffin was a Malaysian girl group with my friend, Cookie as the lead

My bro, Ken Tan (buddies since 1990) and I
makan night-out at Siglap
We used to play with Power Rangers action figures and robots

One of the Nuffnang Glitterati gatherings
Here are the creme de la creme

Edwin and I have the same BROMANCE watch

James and I eat at this place a lot
Sells pretty awesome roasted poultry
Check out Singapore's standard portion size
it's less than half of Brisbane's

Gina, one of my very supportive classmates from TP
We did a STM Corporate Video for Regent Hotel Singapore together

.... then I was in Brisbane - Australia's New World City

Much thanks to all who walked me through these 10 years
In good times and bad times
Following me from one blog to another..
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