Monday, April 23, 2012


(Photo: Promode Fernando)
Brisbane International Student Ambassadors 2012
are on our way to Gold Coast to learn surfing!
In Singapore, we do not have waves big enough for surfing
however I've tried skimming at Siloso beach
So this will be a really great experience!

Bumped into some kittens
who are also on their way to Gold Coast (for Supernova 2012)

The girls changed into their rashies to protect themselves
from wax-based chafting, UV radiation, jelly fish sting
(and to a certain extent - perverts)

While the girls are busy camwhoring, the guys have been ready like 24,282,487,598,475 years ago
Come on, ladies!

(Photo: Promode Fernando)
Now let's head on to The Spit (beach)
Adults generally use 9-10ft longboards while kids use 8-9ft ones
These polyurethane foam boards will keep us afloat

(Photo: Get Wet Surf School)
Our friendly instructors guided us on how to balance and ride the waves

Within minutes...

(Photo: Get Wet Surf School)
"It was amazing!"

Yoshi surfing like a boss!

(Photo: Get Wet Surf School)
Too easy for a pro like my pare, Xavier

(Photo: Get Wet Surf School)
"Got wet and surfed! Freaking awesome!"

Wesley very quickly picked up the techniques

(Photo: Get Wet Surf School)
Surfing is really fun once you master it
soon we'll be riding tubes and doing ollies and method airs!

"First time surfing! Fun and good memories!"
_Shao Cheng (second from left)

"My stored calories are burnt.. Now I am a hunk"

Kylie (second from left) doing the Shaka sign (originated from Hawaii),
the sign means "Hi", "Hang Loose" or it can refer to "Surfing"

"Soooo fun!!!!!"

Wanna learn how to surf?


FREE CALL: 1800 438 938

Price List
Group Lesson (6 pax) $45 - $55
3 Lesson Package (6 pax)  $120 - $135
5 Lesson Package (6 pax) $180 - $195
Family (2 adults 2 children) $20/pp
Private Lesson (1 pax) $95
Private Lesson (2 pax) $85/pp
Private Lesson (3-5pax) $75/pp

FREE pick-up for 5km within Surfers Paradise and Southport

100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't stand up in your first lesson

(Photo: Hussain Awami)
We were all hungry from surfing!

Time to grab some  food!

Yoshi and Promode BROMANCE

"We had a really great time!"

(Photo: Hussain Awami)
Knocked out on the way home..
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