Tuesday, December 27, 2011


A pleasant surprise..
Christmas Card from Lord Mayor Brisbane, Cr. Graham Quirk

Myself, Christine, Matthew, Doris and Michael at AMBCQ Christmas Event
(Photography: Anthony Byron)

On Christmas Day, we gathered at Upper Mt. Gravatt
for a nice Holiday BBQ!

Eight massive tubs of marinated meats to go around
Ingredients includes soy sauce, garlic, sugar, sliced onions, sesame oil, salt and pepper

Hosted by my bro, Thant Zin Aung

Fondly remembered for our newspaper article early this year

Korean-styled BBQ 고기구이
We wrap the meat with lettuce and add 쌈장 Ssamjang

Fun, games and catching up with old pals

Tim-哥 busy BBQ-ing for us!

Zin and Bonnie playing merry-go-round on the clothes line

Guys playing FIFA on the PlayStation 3

Girls playing 斗地主 (Struggling against the Landlord)
One of the most popular card game played in China
This game originated from the Huangshan District
inspired by the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)

Time flies and its dinner time, we had Hot Pot (Steamboat)
Soup stock was prepared for 5 hours and radish was simply orgasmic!

Playing through the night...


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