Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Want to be a Brisbane International Student Ambassador?

Study Brisbane is searching for international and domestic students with a passion for the city to be part of our 2012 Brisbane International Student Ambassador program.

How does it work?

Firstly, you will need to impress us with your passion for the city, your creative writing skills and your easy-going communication style. You'll need to be reliable (we'll want you to participate in special Ambassador events) and skilled-up in social media (we'll want you to blog about your life in Brisbane).

Along the way, you'll get first-hand introductions to some of Brisbane's best experiences and develop great contacts. You might even find yourself being interviewed by international media!

Applying is easy

Simply access the application form below and email your completed application to Applications close Friday 3 February 2012 . All nominees will be contacted in February 2012.

Application form

Please note this position is only open to students currently studying at one of Study Brisbane's member institutions. The complete list of Study Brisbane member institutions can be found here.

In order to be considered for the role, please ensure you duly complete all the sections of the application form and attach your current resume.

Want to know more?

Click here to send a question to our current Ambassadors to get the insider info on the role and their experiences or for a sneak peek of Brisbane International Student Ambassadors in action click here for a quick flick (which we're proud to say was filmed by Maria McDougall, our 2010 Brisbane International Student Ambassador representing Canada).
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Saturday, November 26, 2011


LinkGallery of Modern Art (GoMA) has this new amazing exhibition..

Yayoi Kusama
18 Nov '11 - 11 March '12

Who is Yayoi Kusama?
Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is one of the most significant and influential artists working today. The Gallery has had a long working relationship with Kusama, and her installations Soul under the moon 2002 and Narcissus garden 1966/2002 are among the most popular works in the Gallery’s Collection.

‘Look Now, See Forever’ transforms the dramatic spaces of the Gallery of Modern Art with a series of spectacular immersive rooms, featuring new sculptures and paintings as well as film projection and installation. Showcasing Kusama’s innovative work with colour, form, space and perception, this exhibition shows a senior artist at the peak of her powers.

Revel in the vibrant and playful works of Kusama by adding colourful dots to The obliteration room, a popular interactive installation first commissioned by the Queensland Art Gallery for Kids’ APT in 2002.

watch video here

01 Oct '11 - 05 Feb '12

Threads transformed through knitting, weaving, looping and stitching are the most flexible of materials. Often carrying significant personal and cultural narratives, they move across temporal and spatial boundaries, connecting old and new ideas, just as they provide important links between people, places and ways of life. Threads also have the capacity to unravel, opening up possibilities for innovation, discord and creative change.

Bringing together a diverse range of contemporary textiles from the Gallery’s Australian, Asian and Pacific Collections, ‘Threads: Contemporary Textiles and the Social Fabric’ celebrates the ways in which contemporary artists explore and extend the textile medium.

The Gallery formally accepted a significant 22 metre long Tongan ngatu tā’uli (black bark-cloth) in a special ceremony in Auckland on 5 September 2011. The work was commissioned by the Queensland Art Gallery as one of several major new collection acquisitions to mark the 5th anniversary of the opening of the Gallery of Modern Art.

Many works from the exhibition draw on traditional textile practices while also engaging new technologies, materials and imagery to reflect and transform existing social, political and cultural conditions.

Through the visually striking designs, skilled techniques and richly textured surfaces of contemporary textiles, the exhibition investigates their function as a form of skin or interface with other cultures, the use of abstraction and rhythm to engage with local environments, the weaving of new histories and ideas of nation, and the continued vitality of garden imagery.

Ten Years of Contemporary Art
12 Nov '11 - 19 Feb '12

In recent years, Brisbane benefactor James C Sourris, AM, has been gathering an extensive collection of contemporary Australian art, focusing on the first decade of the twenty-first century and paying particular attention to Queensland artists.

This exhibition celebrates James C Sourris’s involvement with the Gallery and highlights the vital role benefaction has played in the development of the Gallery’s contemporary art Collection. The exhibition will honour Mr Sourris’s sustained and generous support of the Gallery’s Collection. ‘The James C Sourris AM Collection’ comprises both Indigenous and non-Indigenous works, and a wide range of media including paintings, videos, installations and works on paper.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 10.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday and Sunday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Comic Blog Updated

P/S: Thank you for all your birthday wishes =)
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lord Mayor wipes fees to boost hotel development

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk
has announced a three year moratorium on infrastructure charges for new four and five star hotel development in a bid to encourage much needed construction of new stock.

Cr Quirk today announced four initiatives as part of his blueprint to encourage economic development and create jobs to continue growing Brisbane’s $114 billion economy.

“These announcements are just the beginning. Creating jobs and boosting Brisbane’s economic development is a priority for me and my Administration is doing all we can to boost confidence, hope and opportunity,” he said.

“Brisbane is a destination of choice for business, investment and major events but we don’t have enough hotel rooms with no new CBD hotels for over a decade.

“I am placing a three year moratorium on Council infrastructure charges for new four and five star hotel developments in Brisbane that will be backdated to 1 July, 2011 but construction must commence within two years of approval.

“This is the most practical way that Council can help boost development together with being flexible by allowing mixed use developments incorporating hotal accommodation."

The announcements follow recommendations announced last week by the Lord Mayor’s Economic Development Steering Committee that were developed in consultation with over 200 Brisbane businesses.

Cr Quirk said he would advertise for a Chief Digital Manager within the next fortnight.

“This person will encourage businesses to explore digital solutions and opportunities and advise Council on opportunities that lie in the digital economy for local businesses,” he said.

Cr Quirk said $595,000 had been allocated over three years for the introduction of the Brisbane Greeters Program that will encourage volunteers to welcome and take visitors on short walking tours specific for visitors to the city.

He also announced the establishment of a voluntary worldwide Brisbane alumni and city ambassador network to sell Brisbane abroad.

“The first round of inductees will be our International Student Ambassadors who are about to return home to their families and friends and tell them about Brisbane,” he said.

“They will be enabled agents for our city who will help promote Brisbane as a place to work, study and invest,” he said.
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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Guess where we are heading today?

Warner Bros. Movie World
Pacific Motorway, Oxenford QLD 4210
feat. Brisbane International Student Ambassadors

Robert Landman gave us a warm welcome!

Avoid going on a weekend if possible
Its awfully crowded and ride queues/waiting time are really long

0-100km in just 2 seconds
760m of vertical climbs, weightless drops, head-spinning twists

I almost shat in my pants
I think I'm getting too old for this kinda adrenaline rush

(Photography: Eden Wu)
Check out my constipated face =(

4.5G vertical launch up and freefall 60m tower

Themed shop fronts and walkways
Brings back fond memories of my younger days
when my parents brought me here

Snow White and Three of her Dwalves
(not included with Entrance Fee)


In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight!
Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power. Green Lantern's light!

85km/h 765m of non-stop drops, dives, bends, rollovers

Getting ready for the thrill ride

I thought I almost died in this one T_T

Kinda feels like Shanghai back in 1943
Yes, I was already born then.. Problem?

Bat Girls
(also not included with Entrance Fee)

$13million indoor rollercoaster
laser lighting, sound effects, animatronics and kaleidoscope

70km/h 20m heart-stopping drop to final splashdown

Vivian (China) and Cherry (Hong Kong) thought they could stay dry
by hiding behind two big-sized Anglo-white Australians

Myself (Singapore) and Nimal (Sri Lanka) thinking we could stay dry
by hiding behind Vivian and Cherry who were
hiding behind two big-sized Anglo-white Australians


Nimal taking a nap on top of a corpse!



Aww look how cute this ride is

Paradise Country
Aussie farm life at its best
Entertainment Road, Oxenford QLD 4210
(which is just right behind Movie World)

Baa Baa White Sheep, have you any wool?
It's kinda cool to be a sheep
you just graze, poop and sleep everyday
and once in a while let some bloke shave you

watch video here

Vintage Nimal

Kangaroo & Koala Sanctuary

You marsupians are all so lazy
Look at that fupa (fat upper pelvic area)!

I love Galahs aka Cacatua Roseicapilla (the lil birds sitting on the fence)
cos they are as noisy as I am.. 小心我有神经病!

Awww.. check out that cute koala baby!

Stockmen & Sheep Dog Show

The stockman practiced cracking the whip
to break the leaf on Vivian's mouth!

Sheep herding

Evil sheeps chasing after damsel-in-distress

Cow Milking
The stockman says that this cow produces 4 flavors of milk
Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana etc

Sheep Shearing Show & Ram Parade

Look how happy the sheep is
Must be feeling very refreshed now in the hot summer

Christine (Australia) and Eden (Taiwan) participated in the Sheep Shearing

Billy Tea & Stock Horse Arena

Making a traditional Billy Tea
Swinging it forward 2 times and backwards 1 time

Traditional Damper
Yes we got to eat the damper and drink the tea later

Mckayla (or however you spell her name) teaching us how to ride a horse
This is how it's done - LIKE A BOSS!

(Photography: Eden Wu)
I put my fingers in the horse's nostrils and it sneezed
Kinda fun!

(Photography: Lalita Potchana)
Brisbane International Student Amabssadors
(left to right from back) Christine, Matthew, Eden, Ming, Vivian, Han, Kyoko, Patricia, Julie, Doris, Pardeep, Isabel, Elsa, Cherry, Manpreet, Lita, Xavier, Guillaume

Buy your tickets here
One-day Adult $79.99 $71.99
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- For Students only
- No Cash Value
- Non-Transferrable
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