Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Oh no, zombies have attacked Brisbane!
(feat. Cherry Lea Smithson, Twyla Anderson et al.)

Actually NOT!
People have gathered here today 23 October 2011 (Sunday)
for a charity walk - Brisbane Zombie Walk 2011

The objective is to raise money and awareness for
Brain Foundation of Australia

Also known as zombie mob/march/horde/lurch/shamble/shuffle/horde/crawl etc
The first parade was started on 19 August 2001 in Sacramento, California
The current Guinness World Record holder for "Largest Gathering of Zombies"
stands at 4,093 in New Jersey, USA

This walk starts from Wickham Park
all the way through Brisbane CBD to Fortitude Valley

Interesting costumes - Alice and The Mad Hatter Zombies
(feat. Kate Benfer et al.)

Pokemon Crew Zombies

School Girls Zombies
(feat. Jess Horneman, Tess Harwood)

Nurses Zombies

Toddler Zombie
(feat. Bowss Ladyface)

Catholic Girls Zombies

Wrestler and Ronald McDonalds Zombies

Egyptian and Snow White Zombies
(feat. Wayne Harvey, Jade Kristel Davis, Kal Amity et al.)

Baseball Player Zombie

This one freaks me out a lil
cos it reminds me of The Exorcist (1973) movie
(feat. Jade Allan et al.)

Jedi Zombie (Star Wars)
(feat. Tennille Wagner)

Child Zombie

Nurse Zombie Gone Wrong

Mexican Zombie
(feat. Brad Willmot et al.)

Corpse Bride Zombie

Death Metal Delinquents Zombies
(feat. ChloBro Dyllan Scott, Bonnie Iss Gheyy)

Hula Zombie (Hawaiian)

Zombies with a Cause
(feat. Truly Tactless, D'Lora McCandless, Morgan Mccandless et al.)

Michael Jackson Zombie

Nerd Zombie
(feat. Katy Duldig)

After-Shower Zombie

Chef Zombie
(feat. Vader Fincklestien)

Police Zombie
(feat. Ellakai Pearce)

Troll Zombie
(feat. Will Nuttridge)


Vampiric Zombies

Chinese Zombies

watch Brisbane Zombie Walk 2011 video here

more photos here

Brisbane Walk 2010 photos here

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