Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kurilpa Derby 2011

Gnu Chris and myself are here today at West End
to celebrate Kurilpa Derby 2011

Its the 4th Annual Kurilpa Derby
by West End Community Association (WECA)
Kurilpa is an aboriginal word
which translates to "place for water rats"
which covers the area
West End, South Brisbane, Hill End, Dutton Park,
Highgate Hill and parts of Woolloongabba


Bicycle Polo

Its kinda like hockey,
objective is to get the ball between the cones

Host of the day is Wonderwoman

The derby starts as kids of all ages
race down Boundary Street

You may bring your ride.. Whatever it is!

Roller Skates/Blades?



Or just a wheel!



Office Chair, even!

Or your wagon?


You can even SHARE one!

Crowd cheers for our young rider!

The objective is to reach the finishing line first!

Music fills the air, as West End celebrates!

Join in the dance!

watch video here

Local indigenous elder, Auntie Mulinjarlie

Cr. Helen Abrahams (The Gabba)

Squid Relay
where participants use raw squids as a baton
in a relay race, passing it through their mouths

The Squid Relay Champions!

After that, was the Martini Relay
where they have to balance 2 martinis on a round tray

Roller Derby Girls

Spotted: Christine (BISA Australia)


Henry said...

Hello! nice shots, what kind of festival is this, it looks so fun!!!

KING MING said...

its an annual festival in West End