Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Winter 2011 Ends...

Attended Sam's Bachelor Graduation

Also Amanuma's Double Degree Graduation

YinQing, Maria, Brendan and Echo
from my Masters in Human Resource Management class

and also Eric

and Eden (BISA Taiwan)'s sister, Pei Pei

Lud Arld...

...and Stephanie, who have completed their education
and returned back to their respective countries
(Yes I look like sh*t in the last photo
this is why most people couldn't recognise me in my home clothes)

Congrats & Farewell my friends!
Best of luck in life~~

Davies Park West End Market
Saturdays 6AM - 2PM



Lots of fruits and vegetables to buy!

Apparels and Ornaments

Herbs and Spices

Spotted: Christine (BISA Australia) and friends

I'm here today with Shawn Wong
from Business Studies Club EXCO many years ago

Selphine and forgot-his-name

German Sausages

Also, Doice and Dorrain..
Awesome place just to hang out with friends
and feast on food from around the world

Shawn tries Eye Brow Threading

Regional Flavours 2011
30 - 31 July 2011
South Bank Parklands

Cake Making Competition

Lots of food and bevergages from the region

Grilled Cheese

Strawberry Yogurt

I'm here today with Gnu Chris

Chai Chilli Chocolate - exotic

Awesome Street Performer

watch video here

Border Collie

Home Improvements

People who couldn't read English
probably thought it meant
"Ibis are not allowed to dine in here"

Was invited to Stamford Plaza Hotel
AMBCQ Dinner with Theresa Kok
YB Teresa Kok, Selangor State Minister for Investment, Trade and Industry, and Federal Member of Parliament

Cr. Angela Owen-Taylor

Councillor Angela Owen-Taylor was elected as the first Councillor for the ward of Parkinson in 2008 as part of Lord Mayor Campbell Newman's team.

I'm here today with Matt Ramsey

Spotted: Ken and Emily

Kiong and Shona's lil cuties

Nasi Padang


watch video here

Christine's Australia Social Inclusion for Singaporeans

We're here today at Cafe Briz (I reckon Briz stands for Brisbane)
55 Boundary Street
South Brisbane

Briz Big Breaky
bacons, eggs, tomato, sausages, mushroom, hash brown on toast

Soft-boiled eggs can be eaten with buttered toast cut into strips, which are then dipped into the runny yolk. In UK, these strips of toast are known as "soldiers"
I should have taken a video of Christine "marching" her soldiers

In Singapore, we usually go to a "kopitiam" (coffee shop), have them cracked into a bowl and drink em up with dark soya sauce and pepper

Spotted: Sam (another Sam) in uni

September 2011 is Save the Koala Month
Wanna be part of the action? It's free and easy!
Just access the Australia Koala Foundation website
and register for a collection box and donation sticker
Put in your spare change every now and then
and get your mates to put in their lunch money

Any amount can make a difference
All donations $30 and above will receive a personalised koala certificate
Too easy! Be a Koala Hero today!

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