Monday, August 15, 2011

Wellington Point (Redland City)

Brunch at Landmark Restaurant
Mains Road

before we head out to....

Wellington Point (Redland City)
The Jagera aboriginal people who used to live here call it Koobenpul
Today, a great spot for fishing, boating and various water sports

When its low tide, its simply awesome
You can walk across sand bars!

Collect Sea Shells

As the Hermit Crab grows in size, it has to find a larger shell and abandon the previous one. This habit of living in a second hand shell gives rise to the popular name "hermit crab", by analogy to a hermit who lives alone

Dogs have a lot of fun running around too!

Decapitated Sting Ray

The bar leads to a nearby swamp island

Lots of cool rocks, pebbles, coral skeletons and sea shells

Its a very enriching for geography or marine biology students
when "sedimentation comes to live"

Sea Weed

Spotted a baby crab

Gave it to two lil kids who wanted to captivate it

Not-so-romantic Strolls for the old couples

Fishing for Whitings

The Burmese Household (Zin and Simon) with myself


Yes they love to climb trees
and are very good at it!

Ok confession time, I really forgot her name.

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