Thursday, August 4, 2011

Surrealism Up Late [GoMA]

Brisbane International Student Ambassadors
are at Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) today to attend
Surrealism Up Late

(Photography: Gallery of Modern Art)

Watching exhibits from Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams
and enjoying a few drinks at the stylish bar/lounge over live music
Attending art talks by curators and local innovators
There's no better way to spend a Friday evening!

My guest today is Ella Alferia (Singapore)

Nimal (Sri Lanka) and Christine (Australia)


Doris (China) and Danielle (BM)
11 AUGUST 2011

Eden Wu (Taiwan) and Mariana (Mexico)

Cherry Chong (Hong Kong) and her guest Emily Wai

Doris (China) and myself were featured in GoMA's promo video
watch video here

After the exhibition, we headed on to the Kids Corner

Christine puts her creativity into creating her unique Surrealism Sculpture

She calls it her Family Potrait

while Nimal reliefs his pHD stress with art

and Mariana herself is simply the best piece of art

Next we went on to creating our own Surrealism Collage

Its awesome to see how people from different cultures and backgrounds
put their stories on graphic design
after being inspired by the gallery

This is my art, titled Follow the White Rabbit

Very nice, Christine!

Doris (China), very impressed with Christine's creativity

After that we get to bring our art home
or share it on the wall

Majulah Singapura
(09 August 2011)

(Photography: Gallery of Modern Art)

More live music performances!

watch video here

Surrealism Up Late

Date: Fridays 15 July - 30 September 2011
Time: 5:30PM - 10:00PM
Where: Gallery of Modern Art
Cost: $20

Tickets available through qtix or telephone 136 246 (tickets are limited and booking fees apply)
and at the Gallery of Modern Art ticket office on the night (subject to availability)

After that we had a nice dinner at Little Malayisa
Happy Ramadan to all Muslim friends!

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