Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BROWNS English Language School [Ambassadors]

Nimal (Sri Lanka), Xavier (Philippines) and myself (Singapore)
on a beautiful Wednesday morning in Brisbane CBD

Overlooking City Hall and King George Square...

Brisbane International Student Ambassadors are here at
BROWNS English Language School
(Brisbane campus) for a famil tour

Level 1, 102 Adelaide Street
Brisbane CBD

Yes, if you see us on the streets
do come up and say "hi" to us!

We're really friendly, I mean the rest are..
I just run away if you are not smiling and
look like you need a dollar/cigarette

Oh yes.. Its also Pizza Wednesday for the students at BROWNS

Ok I was trying to find that girl in the poster
but failed..

Today we'll be looking at a very modern and high-tech English Language School here in Brisbane
So if you're here on a working holiday or need to brush up your English for IELTS..

..Or is still using this level of English at University level
This could be the perfect Language School for you!
(Yes you, who decided to call yourself Kevin;
Can one of you readers give him a call and recommend BROWNS to him?)

Not sure if I'm talking about you?
Put yourself to the test here (FREE)

In case you're wondering where Christine (Australia) is
She was fixing the elevators during the famil tour

They also offer exclusive accommodation options
such as the BROWNS Luxury Student Apartments at Parkland Boulevard

We were welcomed by two of the very diverse staff here
Roy (Osaka) and Ricky (Korea) from the International Relations Department

They have an "English-Only" Rule in the Language School (penalties apply)
so throughout the trip, I was trying to make them speak in their native languages
but they were really committed to the reinforcement and did not fall for my tricks
(From left: Xavier, Vivian, Nimal, Guillaume, Julie, Cherry and Roy)

53 Computers with High-speed internet access
(Wireless internet campus wide)
for students to revise what they've learnt in class
and practice English with FaceBook etc

I like their idea of having a "Student Passport"
to check individual learning progress and feedbacks on improvements

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
They have optional activities for students all week
like soccer, bowling, job seeking, conversation, movie, squash, picnic, pubbing etc

Evidence of respect and understanding for our Muslim Community

Sick and tired of queuing up for the microwave in University?
BROWNS' pantry has 10 microwaves, 2 huge-ass refrigerators,
filtered water, ice-maker and hot water system

and yes.. All furnitures and settings are RED and WHITE

They also reimburse your IELTS exam fees!
(Yes.. We stole pizzas from their students Nom nom nom..)

More information at
Tel: +61 73221 7871

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