Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Broncos vs Sharks [NRL - Ambassadors]

I'm here today with Doice, Deiter (BISA Philippines) and Anna to watch
Brisbane Broncos vs Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks
here at Suncorp Stadium!

Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks
are from Cronulla, Sydney, NSW
lead by Paul Gallen (age 29)

Suncorp Stadium was unusally uncrowded
probably because everyone knows that Darren Lockyer will kick their ar*e easily


There was a huge gap in skill levels
Broncos scored so many goals in the first half
Suncorp Stadium kinda ran out of fireworks

Oh no! You can't touch this!

Once upon a time...

(nah.. just kidding! they have both kids and adult cheerleaders)

This is Doice's favourite cheerleader, Alanah

"Yeeha! Support Broncos and eat some Streets ice-cream yo!"

The Broncos Mascot (Horse) is really cute
He will chase after the real horse when it gallops pass

watch video here

Some dude who initiated "The Wave" was chased out of the stadium
and everyone jeered at the security!

After that, another dude decided to continue initiating the waves
he didn't really care about the security,
instead told the security to bugger off
Everyone boo-ed at the security and the stadium did like 10 more waves
It was a lot of fun!

Brisbane: 46
Tries: Hodges 3, Hannant, Reed, Yow Yeh, Wallace, Gillett
Goals: Parker 6, Wallace 1
Cronulla: 16
Tries: Wright, Townsend, Smith
Goals: Stapleton 2 Crowd: 24, 164


How to buy tickets for NRL?
Visit or Call 132 849
Mention "Student" for concession tickets

to see where you'll be seating

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