Monday, July 25, 2011


Remember the old West End Ferry Terminal
that was completely destroyed by the flood in January?

The new CityCat terminal has been built with
flood-resistant features
that allow it to sink below the water line
also it allows two CityCats to dock at the same time

New features includes sheltered, non-slip walkway, waiting area, gangway and pontoon; provision for a ‘Go Card’ top-up facility; unisex public toilet and sheltered 24-hour rack bike storage.

The terminal will be opened officially
next Monday
1 August 2011

I'm here today with Phillip Cox
to witness the opening ceremony/launch of the new terminal
and also the latest 18th CityCat - Mudherri

Arrival of Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk
with sisters Angela Doyle and Nuala Doyle

Sr Angela Mary Doyle migrated from Ireland to Brisbane in 1947 to follow her vocation as a Sister of Mercy.
During her 21 years as administrator of the Mater Hospitals, she stood up to the prevailing wisdom of both her order and the state government, to effect change and justice for those in need. Among many other honors bestowed over the years, Sister Angela Mary was named Queenslander of the Year in 1989, in recognition of her work during the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Lisa Clarke from The Courier-Mail
having a chat with Sr Nuala Doyle


Captain brings the guests for a tour on the latest CityCat

“I think everybody would agree that it was far better value for ratepayers that we pushed ahead with pre-existing plans to build a new ferry terminal at West End, rather than spending millions of dollars on a replacement that would then have to be rebuilt later in the year.”

watch video here

Guests gets ready for launching of Mudherri
In ancient times, Gods were invoked to protect the vessel and seamen while drinking wine and pouring water on the vessel as a symbol of blessing. Some traditions involve sacrifice of sheeps (Ottoman Empire) while the Vikings offered human sacrifices.

By late 17th century, the ceremonies were mostly replaced by breaking a bottle across the bow (as seen in movie, Titanic)
Launching could be said to mark the birth of a vessel; in part to appeal for good fortune and the safety of each new vessel

Christening of Mudherri

Lord Mayor thanked the Sisters for honouring the ceremony

Tried to hijack Mudherri but failed

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Your launching pics on ferry (Dover ferries) are awesome and it seems you really had a great time in ferry travel.

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You shared very nice ferry travel pictures here. It shows clearly how you enjoyed there.

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