Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yesterday was Queen's Birthday
Queensland public holiday
We drove 35min (28km) from Brisbane CBD into Redcliffe
Pelican Park feeds pelicans fish scraps every morning 10AM at Pelican Park

A lil more touristy compared to Victoria Point
however lovely under the warm sun and blue skies

Tim哥 preparing Korean BBQ 고기구이 for us
at Woody Point Park

First time I tried BBQ pumpkin - awesomeness!
Mui (Hong Kong) and Aon (Thailand) learns a few techniques from Zin

天沼隊長 (Japan) was there too! お久しぶり!

고기구이 is often eaten with fresh vegetables dish
We wrap the meat in lettuce and add condiments such as pajori (spicy scallion salad) and ssamjang (spicy doenjang paste)

Om nom nom!

Tasty and Healthy (i reckon) BBQ lunch by the beach

NongJi and Jack (from the Burmese household) poppin' the bottles

Fly Magpie!

Ladies' Man = Zin

Men's Man = Zin (too)

Our Chinese friends enjoying a jump shot

Esther (Malaysia), Candy (Taiwan) and Mui (Hong Kong)


We like to talk about cars!

After-lunch Stroll at Redcliffe Jetty

I reckon its a good place for Photoshoots

Korean Mama teaching her boy to cast
while Korean Papa sets up his fishing net

Local anglers told me its a good spot for bream, flattie, whiting and hammerheads

Catching crabs with chickens!

Dinner was at The Cube Hot Pot 千里香火鍋
Shop 90 Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre

Hot Pot (火鍋) aka Steamboat
is a popular dish during winter
deli-thin sliced meats, vegetables, mushrooms, wantons, seafood are placed into a simmering stock (in the middle of the table); usually eaten with dipping sauce
Soup stock can come in many variations
Here we have Herbal (left) and Numb Spicy 麻辣 (right)

Fun Fact: It is said that more than 1,000 years ago
Mongolian soldiers cook hot pots in their helmets

Om nom nom
This is not the best Steamboat I've eaten
but what is winter without hot pot?


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