Monday, June 27, 2011

Photography Sunday

It was a sunny SUNDAY afternoon
me and my mates decided to go on a photography walkabout
In this post, you will realise that there're quite a few nice places
to exploit your camera here in Brisbane City!

Here's Ivy (China) and Chris (Australia)

Out first stop was Roma Street Parklands
1 Parklands Drive
Brisbane City
There are guided walks 10AM and 2PM daily
and train rides - adults: $3

Here's Gorm (Denmark) and Carl (Australia)

You can take photos of flowers/insects (macro)/plants/birds/lizards/people

Or just lie on the grass Aussie-style
and enjoy being sun-baked

Or take photographs of photographers taking a photograph

Here's Wilson and Chris (both from Hong Kong)

Or have a BBQ by the lake

How about a game of Soccer?

On Sundays, parents bring their kids here
for a nice picnic and to mingle/socialise with other kids

Brisbane Winter Festival (ended 26 June 2011)
You can catch the Winter Festival at
Bondi (30 June - 17 July)
Sydney (28 July - 14 August)
Melbourne (18 August - 4 Sept)

Lunch was at Little Singapore
42 Charlotte Street
Brisbane CBD
I like the Curry Chicken with Rice here

Old site of Culture Kings and Hazel Tea House


Next stop was City Botanic Gardens
you have guided walks and bicycle rentals here

Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca)
Kids love to chase them around

Seems like an ideal place for a date!

This photo is taken from Goodwill Bridge
450m opened in Oct 2001
named after Goodwill Games
(international sports competition created by Ted Turner)

You can grab a cuppa on the bridge
and watch CityCats and Ferries weave pass all-day

Southbank Parklands
Their upcoming events are
Brisbane French Festival (16 July)
Regional Flavors (30-31 July)

You can also take a stroll at the South Bank Lifestyle Markets
Every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday
You can find arts & crafts, homewares, collectibles, exotic items, designer fashion etc

They also have Young Designers Market
Every first Sunday of every month 10AM - 4PM


Here are some of the photos we took yesterday



(more to be updated)



James Carr said...

gotta admit, this made my heart a bit heavy... so many places i miss.

great work as always. the picture of the couple straddling in the park is one of the more awkward pictures i've seen lately. hahaha

prolix said...

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