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iConcierge = Terribad 坏苹果 你吃否

EMAIL: APPLE (au) and NextByte
Date: 15 June 2011, 1800hrs

09 June 2011 1600hrs, I sent my iPhone 3gs in for repair at the Brisbane CBD iConcierge (260 Adelaide Street), there was no one at the iConcierge counter. Waited for 10min before staff casually strolls in with a coffee mug. Stating that fine sand has entered my phone and required a repair. The staff quickly use a SIM pin to remove my SIM card to record the serial numbers. Job # 365429 Paid: AUD75
六月九日 四时 我到布里斯本的NextByte分行去修理Apple手机 可是柜台空无一人,等了十分钟才有个睡眼惺忪的服务员提着咖啡杯漫步走向柜台。我说明有沙入手机按钮便失控 需要他们将沙子除掉。服务生连忙用iPhone的针孔将SIM卡取出 并记下注册号数。附了七十五澳币。

On 12 June 2011, sent an email to to check if my phone is ready for collection. To date (3 working days later), no reply received.
六月十二日 发了电子邮件 询问已否修理完毕,至今(三日后)还为收到回复。

On 14 June 2011, I received a missed call from (07) 3220 0400. Called back several times, but no one attended to the phone. After checking on the internet to find out it was a call from the CBD store, called back and no one picked up. 1620hrs, went to collect my iPhone 3gs. Only to find that the HOME button was fixed but not the volume button. Screen protector has bubbles inside and screen appeared in a green tint. Paid: AUD34
Asked if the staff has a SIM pin so that I could put in my SIM card, staff said that they do not have the pin in the store.
六月十四 受到一通未接来电 便回拨了几次却没人接电话。到网上搜查才发现是NextByte打来的,便回拨可却又没人接。四时二十分 我到了NextByte去领回手机,却发现算然HOME按钮虽然可以按了 但声量按钮却依旧如故 没修好,银幕保护膜内出现气泡我也无所谓 平面却发青了。还要我多缴三十四澳币。
这是我向服务人员借iPhone的针孔想把SIM卡放入 他却理直气壮的说他们店里没有这针孔。是种族歧视吗?

Its not about the AUD109 paid, I'm just extremely disappointed and mentally distressed with the service and sloppy repair. Will share this experience with local media and my friends, also think twice about buying another Apple product.
失了一百零九澳币也罢 他们恶劣的服务态度与敷衍式的修理 叫人非常失望。不但有损APPLE名誉 还耻辱了澳大利亚的服务业。经过这次的经验 往日在购买APPLE产品必会三思 也劝身边朋友分享此事。

Ming En, Leong
Brisbane International Student Ambassador (Singapore)
President, Griffith University Singapore Students Association
梁铭恩 字
格里菲斯大学 新加坡学生会 会长

This is a case of unethical business practice in Brisbane City
I had sand in my iPhone and they changed my entire digitiser
in order to charge me an extra fee
Also now my HOME button is insensitive, flimsy
and can only be pressed when vertically upright
It is of great shame to APPLE and the other good businesses in Brisbane
I'm prepared to file this case to ACCC on Monday 20 June 2011
if I do not get a satisfying reply from NextByte or Apple.

Relevant Reponse


On 17 June 2011, I received a call from Matthew (Manager, NextByte, Brisbane CBD) to resolve this issue. Escorted by Phillip (Brisbane City Council), we marched down to NextByte CBD. Matthew apologized about the incident, inspected my iPhone and explained that
六月十七日 收到经理的来电 邀请我谈合。中午和布里斯本市政理事会工作人员来到NextByte。经理道了歉,检查了手机后 解释说

1. The HOME button is attached to the digitiser (connected to the motherboard), so they have to replace the entire piece hence the AUD34 charge.
2. Their servicing centre fixes products by replacing third-party parts which on rare occasions the quality may compromise. If Apple were to fix it, they will have to replace the entire set which may incur a higher cost.
(一)按钮连接着一片瓷板 所以得更换
(二) 他们的修理部门使用盗版配件更换 所以一年大概会有五次会遭遇质地偏差(天啊)。如果到APPLE修理 可能就得更换整个手机 会很贵 (什么烂理由)

He also apologized for the negligence of the the service centre and lack of care from iConcierge staff, which he will personally investigate; In addition, he offered a free servicing and replacement of screen protector.
并向我道歉 承认是他们的疏忽与服务人员的敷衍 说他一定追根究底调查一番。而且请我再把手机让他们免费重新修理 保证万无一失。(注:没有退钱)

Being sick and tired of the entire drama, I accepted his sincere apologies (also hospitality). He promised that the phone will be ready for collection in perfect condition on 21 June 2011.
对此事件我已心灰意冷 (也不为一百元折腰) 视经理为君子也 接受了他的歉意。他保证在六月二十一日可以请我来领取手机。

Lesson Learnt

1. If you suspect that you have been scammed or encounter unethical business practice, ALWAYS threaten to report the case to ACCC at
2. Feel free to bring up Anti-Discrimination Act (1991) when you feel that you have been discriminated with the attribute of race
3. Avoid having your iPhone near sand - FML
(一)如果你怀疑你被骗了 或生意有反正义,不要犹豫报案与ACCC -
(二)如果你觉得被歧视,昆士兰法律 Anti-Discrimination Act (1991) 必定要搬出来吓对方
(三)iPhone 手机最怕沙子

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