Sunday, June 5, 2011

Coochiemudlo Island Trip

I'm here today with Libby Chong at
Nudo's on Mary
62 Mary Street
Brisbane CBD

Hainanese Chicken Rice
I like the chicken rice here because
the chicken is of the correct taste, is tender
and the chilli is tasty

Vietnamese Pork Cutlet
This is very tasty too!

Show student card for discounts!

Went to Koogi for haircut.. Finally
132 Albert Street
Brisbane CBD

Say goodbye to my Tony Leung hairstyle

This is my new look for now..

Libby made Honey Soy Pork with Rice for dinner

Here we are today at Victoria Point,
a bayside precinct and gateway to Moreton Bay

It was low-tide, so we went on the coast line to look for lil crabs
but they escaped into the water before we could catch'em all

Our destination, Coochiemudlo Island
is 5min via barge
Toll: $2.80/pax, $50/car (return)

This is my second time on the barge
First time was during my trip to Fraser Island on 4WD
According to Zin, Burmese use the barge
as one of their main public transport

Arrival at Coochiemudlo Island
Sometimes fondly known as "The Jewel of Moreton Bay" or "Coochie"
It is a small island (5km sq) located within the Redland Shire in South-East Queensland
Known for its shallow beaches and mangrove swamps

Breathing tubes (roots) aka Pneumatophores
helps the trees to breathe in most inundated conditions

Mangrove trees are low to medium height
So they make good trees for climbing

Roots provide an oyster habitat and slows down water flow
hence protects the coastline against erosion and storm surges

Some may find mangroves a bit smelly
because anaerobic bacteria produces nitrogen gas, iron, phosphates, sulfides and methane
Kinda smells like a pirates' bunk

I have no idea what these are
They look like silicon implants

Did not see any Curlews and Peacocks
but spotted a couple of Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
aka Rose-breasted Cockatoo
Fun fact: "Galah" is an Australian slang for 'fool' or 'idiot'

Heading back to Victoria Point...

夕阳无限好 只是近黄昏

Dinner was at
HOSOKAWA Restaurant

53 Racecourse Road

The restaurant has very limited seats and is always crowded
Reservation is advised

I reckon this is the BEST and MOST AUTHENTIC
Japanese Restaurant in Brisbane
Do bring a Japanese friend to verify!
Its scary to eat here if you are a food enthusiast
cos it feels like you are eating in Japan (no joke)

House Sake

We have the honor of having Tim哥
to serve us Sake over dinner

Sashimi Platter
The seafood are extremely fresh
Also there are no signs of "veins" meaning
they only use the good flesh parts of the fishes
Also, sashimi is of accurate and consistent thickness
with clean cuts; presentation is disciplined
Very impressive

Yasai Nimono
Well-prepared dish
I was very touched cos I haven't had lotus roots
for more than 2 years

Beef Tataki
Extremely tasty prime beef slices

Sushi Platter
Nigiri technique is unmatched
The outside is firm but inside is soft and airy
This cannot be done by chef with less than 3 years experience
Sushi are a'la minute, not the sloppy type you find in conveyor belt bars

Tempura Moriawase
Clean batter, no complains

Tamago Sushi and Unagi Temaki
$6 and $8
Very well prepared
and the unagi is well grilled

Special thanks to Yasuko for her recommendation

Next Post: Moreton Island
this time for real... Hahaha..

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