Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Brisbane International Student Ambassadors
are here today at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary!
Its about 20min bus ride from the CBD

708 Jesmond Road
Fig Tree Pocket

Adult: $32
Student/Backpacker: $24

Sorry for all the HUGE photos
Blogger is giving me problems uploading

Our guide today is Matt

Sleepy Koala

We got to take photographs with Koalas
They are so fluffy and cuddly!

Wish we could bring one home!



We were also given Kangaroo Food
to feed em' kangees
The food is kinda like rabbit pellets

... which Elsa happened to find tasty too


Om nom nom

The Red Kangaroos are so much bigger than the rest

Matthew enjoys a lazy sunbath with the kangaroos

Get it?

Poor kangaroo with one eye

Bumped into 李秉珍 from Taiwan



One of my favourite animals of all time

Tasmanian Devil



Oink Oinks

Bird of Prey Show


The owl from Harry Potter!

Sheep Dog Show

These Border Collies are too smart!
Do you know that they have the intelligence of a 7yr old human?

Sheep Shearing

Lorikeet Feeding
It was so much fun for all of us
There were so many lorikeets flying around

We wish we could come back again!


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