Sunday, May 29, 2011


Sorry for being so inactive lately
Been really really busy
Anyways here are some updates..

Some time ago, during Singapore General Elections 2011
Have I posted this before?

This is an interview with a UQ journalism student
Note that my command of English is much better than that
The interview was in Mandarin, the student translated it

Some of my photos appeared on some Vietnamese e-news

Our ambassador trip appeared on the Araucaria Ecotours website!

Fish & Chips from Ethernet Cafe
Griffith Uni (Nathan)

Hmmm.. I dun remember what this is
Looks like Salmon and Chips to me..

Combination Pork Chop with Rice
from Viet Hoa (West End)
Yes, they have re-opened after the flood

Braised Duck Egg Noodles
from Trang (West End)
I find it really tasty! =d

Judging by the size of the zucchini
Its some dish from Jackpot Noodles (West End)

These are from my iPhone game, Kawaii Megu
Its like tamagotchi.. Kinda cute
the pet evolves every 5 days
Now my pet kinda looks like a kitten

I'm still playing Tap Zoo
Not really interactive, but oh well..

Bumped into Steph on the CityGlider

Rainbow over West End

$9.90 Lunch Special
Cashew Nut Chicken with Rice
from Sawadee Ka (West End)

Beef Tendon Soup from Viet Hoa (West End)

9/220 Melbourne Street
South Brisbane

They do not have Larb
(my favourite Thai-Laos dish)

Chicken Pad Ped on Rice
taste of mediocrity

Jackfruit with Sticky Rice
Very tasty!

Grilled Pork with Sticky Rice
$6.50 (Grand Opening Special)
+$5 for Spring Roll and Canned Drink
This one is really good

also do try the Cashew Nut Chicken
Its absolutely fantastic!

10/220 Melbourne Street
West End
They have another outlet in Ashgrove Shopping Centre

These plushie displays are for sale

Salmon Don
I find it weird whenever restaurants
don't serve salmon with the skins on
However its perfectly cooked

Bento Set
additional $5
gives you a garden salad, 4 sushi rolls

.. and a miso soup

Baby Libby Chong's new ring

Yen doing her photography assignment
with Libby, Fadila and Elena

Erin's photography project

watch video here

We had a Burmese Makan Gathering the other day..

Some Pork Large Intestines with Pig Heart
Yes.. I eat offals

Justin cooks his signature spicy chicken dish

Ahlatt and Sandra discussed about Fashion Design

Aloo and Leilei consulting James (PhD) on Leadership Management


Justin's dish

Aloo's dish

It was an awesome Saturday gathering
with my Burmese mates!

UQ Student Rejoice!
There is now EXPRESS SERVICES on CityCat to UQ
Check out the time schedule here...

What is CityCat?

Next post: Coochiemudlo Island
Stay tuned!

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