Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Autumn Events 2011

Was trying to do my CityCat pop-art model
but the super glue dried up =(

Little Singapore
42 Charlotte Street
Brisbane CBD
with Cherry Mong Mo..



and some of my best mates in Brissy
Tim 哥 & Zin
You'll see more of them in a bit..

Curry Rice + Sing-a-long
at Leon's place

Good Friday 2011
Roma Street Parklands
Lets take a look at what we do during public holidays
when the weather is perfect for the great outdoors!

Korean-style BBQ

The gathering includes Burmese (Zin), Japanese (Amanuma), Chinese (Tim 哥), Koreans and Thais..
Its like a international BBQ gathering!

This is how the Koreans eat it! =)

Over at the other side, we have Singaporeans and Malaysians
having a Pot Luck picnic

Also our Hong Kong superstar, Patrick

Opposite us are Hiroaki's Japanese mates
having their Japanese-style BBQ!

Enjoy Brisbane's diverse culture for FREE!
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Farewell Dinner
for the 吳 Sisters

The Manor Chinese Restaurant
6 Angle Street
Eight Mile Plains

The food is awesome but a lil pricey!
They serve Yum Cha after 9PM
(no its not a typo)
I reckon its the best place for Dim Sum in Brisbane

I went to take a long poop and
they were very nice to wait for me to start

Vietnam Cultural Day 2011
Queen Street Mall

Today the Vietnamese gathered here in the city
wearing their colourful and graceful traditional costumes
Also there were performances and fashion shows
Super interesting!

Our favourite Vietnamese - Bean and Han
(Brisbane International Student Ambassadors)

The event is free and is honoured by many famous Vietnamese
such as TV celebrities and photo-journalists

They also had a FREE BBQ at 4PM
where you can join them some traditional Vietnamese games

Buddha Birthday Festival 2011
South Bank Parklands

Its a free annual event where you can participate
in Buddhist activities and learn more about
the beautiful Indian religion dating back to BCE 5th century

There are a lot of activities where you can participate in
such as Chinese Caligraphy, Percussions, Art & Crafts etc
(no.. the girl in the photo is not Liwei)

Libby Chong had her go at Chinese Caligraphy
Not easy at all!

Playing the Chinese transverse flute 笛子
Archaeologists discovered that this instrument has been around
for more than 8,000 years!

Cultural Dance and Music Performances

You can also bring back some souvenirs from the event
This Little Monk makes a very good Zen-style decoration!

This action of scooping water over the little Buddha
is to pay homage and respect to the teacher, Buddha
and to remind ourselves to cleanse our mind, speech and body
In Japan, they pour Ama Cha (Hydrangea tea) on statues

Lots of tasty Asian vegetarian cuisine
Devotees are encourage to be vegetarian for the day
to refrain from direct/indirect killing

Bento Set

On the left is Guan Yu 關羽 (Sangharama)
right is Wei Tuo 韋馱 (Skanda)
They are believed to be Honored Dharma Protectors
in Mahayana Buddhism
Hence their statues are often found beside the Buddha's

Offering of flowers, incense, candles etc

Buddhist Monks

Avalokiteśvara aka 觀音菩薩
is one of the most prominent bodhisattva
worshipped throughout Asia
Commonly known in English as
"Goddess of Mercy"

Maitreya aka 彌勒菩薩
is believed to be the next coming Buddha
He is currently known as Ajita Bodhisattva
Fun Fact: Due to this belief, many people from the past has self-proclaimed to be Maitreya's incarnation and formed new religious movements or cults

Ksitigarbha aka 地藏王菩薩
is one of the most loved of all Japanese divinities (Jizō)

Confusing much?
In short, the Buddha is the enlightened one
the other characters are not enlightened yet
Its like Buddha is PHD, Bodhisattvas are MASTER
and perhaps Monks and Nuns are BACHELOR

You can also write your wishes
and pin it below the statues!

Chinese Swords Play

Percussion Activities

Art of Tea
This is the Kungfu Tea Ceremony (工夫茶)
It literally means "making tea with efforts"


Larb Gai from Sawadee Ka
6/220 Melbourne Street
West End
One of my favourite Thai restaurant
It is finally re-opened after the flood!

Coffee Square
341 Mains Road
Sunnybank Marketsquare

Grilled Eel Fried Rice
Very tasty! Must try!

Btw we're gathered here today to meet Jay
He used to study in Brisbane and is now working in Adelaide

Next post: Melbourne Easter Trip 2011


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