Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Araucaria Ecotours

Today, Ronda Green from Araucaria Ecotours
is gonna take us through an exciting Ecotour

Our first stop was at Daisy Hill Conservation Park
We are hoping to see some wildlife today

Look! Its a wallaby!

These are claw marks from Koalas

We had some Kitty Breakfast in the park
The Great Outdoors!

Lets take a look inside the Koala Centre

Sleepy Koala

Stingless Bee

OMG! Check out the morbidly obese koala!

Piano Rock (Mt. Tambourine)

Next stop was Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk
333 Geissmann Dr
North Tamborine

Adults: $18.50
9:30AM - 4PM

Check out the Staghorn Fern and Orchid

It was very educational for us

The air was fresh and its just refreshing
to be surrounded by trees and walk on soil and rocks

Elsa and Darren tries Rainforest Meditation

We learnt a lot about Koalas and their "two thumbs"

Log Hopper

Stick Insect

Baby Brush Turkey

Lunch time!

We spotted some wild wallabies

Kinda tells us that we are living together
This is not only our home, but theirs too!

Sceneic Lookout

Watching them from afar

We had so much fun that day
but the sun was setting and we had to return to Brisbane!

Araucaria Ecotours
also provides many wildlife tours such as
birdwatching $143
rainforests/glow-worms $143
coochiemudlo island $121
bushwalking $99
and many other nature-based tours.

Check out their website at http://www.learnaboutwildlife.com/


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