Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brisbane City Council Presentation and Library Tour

sbane International Student Ambassadors
Brisbane City Council Presentation and Library Tour

Phillip Cox gave us a presentation on the re-opening of the CityCat
which most ferry jetties were destroyed during the flood

We were given a goodie bag that includes
Translink mouse pad, CityCat model (photo above), CityCat timetable/brochure, 2 Translink balloons, CityCat sunscreen lotion 35ml, CityCat lip bum, CitySmart sticker, Translink card sleeve in a yellow environmental bag

Next we went for a Brisbane Central Library Tour

Xavier taking video of the tour

Jeez.. Boy with two belly buttons?

They have these multimedia cubicals
where you can rent and watch your favourite movies

You can also play XBOX, Wii or PS3 here
or watch television on big screens!
However you'll need to bring your own earphones
unless you wanna get one from their vending machines

My favourite manga of all time - ONE PIECE

The "adult graphic novels" are in another section
far away from manga like One Piece

Badiul from Bangladesh

Christine from Australia (also a fellow West Ender)

This book sorting machine costs around AUD2million
can sort 1,400 books per hour
They are also implementing RFID (radio-frequency idendification)
Pretty cool for a library!

They have lots of events going on all year long
such as music performance, story-telling etc
Check it out here:

Next, we're going for a CityCat Tour
with Jennifer Aniston (no.. not really)

We were given Go! Cards to take the CityCat
(in photo: Guillaume from France)

Here comes our ride - Kurilpa
Similar name to the Kurilpa bridge
which in Aboriginal refers to "place for water rats" (West End)
Kurilpa is one of the first generation CityCats
launched in November 1996
Today they have 17 CityCats and 9 CityFerries

As you can see from the picture above
CityCats are catamarans
multihulled, designed by the English inspired by Indians

We were also allowed to go up the cockpit
(which is usually closed to public)

Looks kinda similar to the locomotive

Cherry Chong from Hong Kong

Nimalaprakasa from Sri Lanka

Huynh Thi Ngoc Han and Quoc Duy Tran from Vietnam

Feels good to be back on the CityCat!

Mishari (Rakan's son) had a lot of fun

Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon
With the one you love, the sun above waiting for the moon...

watch video here

Yay! I'm Mishari's Friend #12

Thank you CityCat for the wonderful tour!

Lunch was at Boardwalk Bar + Bistro
71 Eagle Street Pier
Brisbane CBD

Wednesday Special
Bistro Burger+beer/wine

Bistro Steak Sandwich

Fish and Chips

Salt and Pepper Squid Salad, chilli lime dressing

Om nom nom!


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