Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brisbane City Council Presentation and Library Tour

sbane International Student Ambassadors
Brisbane City Council Presentation and Library Tour

Phillip Cox gave us a presentation on the re-opening of the CityCat
which most ferry jetties were destroyed during the flood

We were given a goodie bag that includes
Translink mouse pad, CityCat model (photo above), CityCat timetable/brochure, 2 Translink balloons, CityCat sunscreen lotion 35ml, CityCat lip bum, CitySmart sticker, Translink card sleeve in a yellow environmental bag

Next we went for a Brisbane Central Library Tour

Xavier taking video of the tour

Jeez.. Boy with two belly buttons?

They have these multimedia cubicals
where you can rent and watch your favourite movies

You can also play XBOX, Wii or PS3 here
or watch television on big screens!
However you'll need to bring your own earphones
unless you wanna get one from their vending machines

My favourite manga of all time - ONE PIECE

The "adult graphic novels" are in another section
far away from manga like One Piece

Badiul from Bangladesh

Christine from Australia (also a fellow West Ender)

This book sorting machine costs around AUD2million
can sort 1,400 books per hour
They are also implementing RFID (radio-frequency idendification)
Pretty cool for a library!

They have lots of events going on all year long
such as music performance, story-telling etc
Check it out here:

Next, we're going for a CityCat Tour
with Jennifer Aniston (no.. not really)

We were given Go! Cards to take the CityCat
(in photo: Guillaume from France)

Here comes our ride - Kurilpa
Similar name to the Kurilpa bridge
which in Aboriginal refers to "place for water rats" (West End)
Kurilpa is one of the first generation CityCats
launched in November 1996
Today they have 17 CityCats and 9 CityFerries

As you can see from the picture above
CityCats are catamarans
multihulled, designed by the English inspired by Indians

We were also allowed to go up the cockpit
(which is usually closed to public)

Looks kinda similar to the locomotive

Cherry Chong from Hong Kong

Nimalaprakasa from Sri Lanka

Huynh Thi Ngoc Han and Quoc Duy Tran from Vietnam

Feels good to be back on the CityCat!

Mishari (Rakan's son) had a lot of fun

Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon
With the one you love, the sun above waiting for the moon...

watch video here

Yay! I'm Mishari's Friend #12

Thank you CityCat for the wonderful tour!

Lunch was at Boardwalk Bar + Bistro
71 Eagle Street Pier
Brisbane CBD

Wednesday Special
Bistro Burger+beer/wine

Bistro Steak Sandwich

Fish and Chips

Salt and Pepper Squid Salad, chilli lime dressing

Om nom nom!


Monday, April 4, 2011

BUSY BUSY BUSY [Mar-Apr 2011]

Hello guys! Thanks for visiting
I know I have not been blogging for like a million years!
Here's my update since I last disappeared...

Taro's Ramen & Cafe
363 Adelaide Street
Brisbane CBD

The illegal business at Sunnybank
Heh heh...

Brings back fond childhood memories

Went for Medibank chest x-ray
and realise its the best job in the world..

We now have wifi

Kanpai Japanese Restaurant
Adelaide Street (Near Anzac Square)
Brisbane CBD

I love to buy these prawn set from Coles
Its really cheap and tasty =)

School Days

We flipped over the tables and
realised there were A LOT of chewing gum underneath


Went for Bureau of Statistics health test
and got jabbed twice
April Fools Day joke on me..

Yep I'm still playing Lil' Pirates (iPhone)

My debate marking sheet always have cartoon faces..

This is the dish I miss the most from Singapore
yet cannot be found in Brisbane - Hokkien Prawn Mee

Playing with some iPhone apps
that lets you turn your photos "lomo-ish"

I wonder who eats these..

Ashley mugging for exams

Playing this iPhone game - BT Gangsta
quite engaging with funky music

The Manor Chinese Restaurant
6 Angel Street
Eight Mile Plains

Dim Sum

and to celebrate Xinjie's birthday

Fried Calamari from Freestyle Tout (West End)

Ok now I'm confused..
Is it Brisbane City Council's birthday or the bus driver's?

My West Ender classmate - Anne-Axelle

Slot Machine (iPhone)

Trang Restaurant
Shop 2, 59 Hardgrave Road
West End
Vietnamese Dripping Coffee

Combination Pork Chop with Rice

same dish.. but photo taken with my dSLR
I like the pork chops here, taste like our Singapore Bah-kwa

Phở đặc biệt
Combination pho, has a lot of offals inside
I like the one here but still prefer Pho Hung (Sunnybank Market Square)

Fried Quail
Little birds..

Pork Chop Egg Noodles
Quite tasty and value for money

My brilliant uncle created this iPhone application
on investments (for idiots)

Davies Park West End Markets
Montague Road
West End

There's this Singaporean stall
that sells nasi lemak (coconut milk rice), some malay kueh (cakes)
and teh tarik ("pull" milk tea)

German sausages

This is one of my favourite way to enjoy a Saturday morning!

Met Doice and Sam in the city!

Aboriginal music is fantastic

Hazel Tea Shop 禾田茶坊
Shop 2/47 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane CBD

Yes I believe all Chinese (race) people
love to drink bubble tea!

Takeaway from Madtongsan II
1/85 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane CBD

Tasty but extremely spicy
gives you volcanic poop

Pork Ribs with Kimchi Set
around $35
comes with two rice

Fried Dumplings

Soy Chicken Rice
takeaway from Jackpot Dining (West End)

Fried Chicken Rice

Takeaway from Top Sushi (CBD)

Tried this Taiwanese dessert from Yuen's Market
Its called 黑八宝
which translates to "Eight Black Treasures"
surprisingly it taste absolutely delicious

Green Bamboo
153 Boundary Street
West End

Sizzling Plate Mongolian Pork

Lunch Special Fried Beef Rice

Cookies and Cream Cake
from The Three Monkeys (West End)

LR Sushi
2b/26 Felix Street
Brisbane CBD

Coincidentally we all reckon that
this is the best sushi place in Brisbane CBD

Om nom nom nom nom

Cafe Briz
55 Boundary Street
West End

Simple yet cozy lil diner
at some deserted corner of West End

Burger Set
No.. its not a typo
Its really $5 during lunch hours


Stir-fried Beef Noodles

Mention my name and get 10% discount or free coffee
You may need to explain that you're referred here
by Brisbane International Student Ambassador (Singapore) - Ming

My mugging notes..

Vegetarian Bee Hoon
om nom nom

Lamb Kebabs + Drink $8
Opposite West End Coles

Received a postcard from Kellybestieporkchai
Thank you bestiepig

Eastern Sea Chinese Restaurant
54 Mollison Street
West End
Sweet and Sour Pork

1/156 Boundary Street
West End

Fiesta Meal

Stir-fried Minced Chicken Rice
by me... =_=" was really lazy

It happens in every household..

There was a housewarming at my place last Friday

The Coffee Club
11/32 Park Road

We fondly call this area "Little Paris"
due to its mini tower of paris

Even the water looks good, hey?

Hot Chocolate

Cafe Latte

Here today with Libby Chong, Jessy Bessy and Joyce
Singaporeans Unite!

280g Rib Fillet
Rib fillet steak cooked to your liking.
served with mushroom or peppercorn sauce
all mains served with choice of creamy mash potatom, honey carrots and grilled asparagus, or seasoned chips and garden salad

Picked up my Gold Coast mates from Hungry Jacks

We're here today at Hanaichi Sushi Bar + Dining
171/209 Queen Street
Brisbane CBD

Our good mate, Zin
is working at the Sushi Bar today..


Evonne is now staying at Zin's house
before she returns to Taiwan for good..

Farewell is always sad
but 天下无不散之宴席

Yes we have a working TV now! Yay!

It was Cherry Mong Mo's birthday!
Here we see Chris, Dan, Steph and Lud

and Amy

We're here today at
Albert Lane
Brisbane CBD

the ambience is fantastic
so its mostly visited by chicks

friendly cooks doing your meals a la minute

onions, bacon and egg in a cream sauce

prawns, pesto, baby spinach in a cream sauce

bumped into Vanda

I Dig Dinos
15 - 26 April 2011
Queensland Museum South Bank

No its NOT just for kids!

you can pretend to be a dinosaur..

... or make your own dinosaurs!

There're a lot of fun activities for everyone!
Yes.. its FREE

Dig for dinosaur bones!
Fun fact: The first dinosaur found in Australia (Cape York) is the Agrosaurus

Get your dino prints and go for a Dino Tour

Again, its not just for kids
It just happens to be school holidays
hence there were more kids running around the museum

watch video here

Watch how these experts separate bones from stones

Learn to Fly

21st Century: Art in the First Decade
18 December 2010 – 26 April 2011

There are a lot of cool exhibits
such as this one..
Leandro Erlich: Swimming Pool: Immersed in Reverse

There are also a lot of fun activities
You can create your own Bindi
(Indian forehead decoration)

and make your own Heritage Sausage

more here:

有朋自远方来 不亦乐乎

Bumped into Xavier
(Philippines Student Ambassador)

Below are some rubbish that I know
no one cares about T_T

Next Post:
Brisbane City Council Presentation and Library Tour
with Brisbane International Student Ambassadors YAY!