Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend in Brisbane

Today we are going to
Davies Park West End Markets

Its at Davies Park every Saturday
6AM to 2PM
However, on most weeks they start closing around 12:30PM

This is my favourite Farmers Market
because its very Bohemian-style!

Bumped into Matt and Rita
(not very coincidentally)

Here you can buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
Most are organic!
Meaning these produces do not contain pesticides, chemical fertilisers, genetically modified organisms or chemical additives etc
In short - healthy and environmental-friendly food

There's a Nasi Lemak stall here
Opened by a Singaporean Malay family!

Nasi Lemak is a common breakfast dish of the Malay heritage
The rice is steamed in coconut cream and pandan (screwpine) leaves
Usually wrapped in banana leaves
Accompanied by cucumber slices, ikan bilis (small dried anchovies), roasted peanuts, hard-boiled egg and sambal sauce (sometimes Chicken Wing, Otah, Fried Fish)

Wide variety of food to choose from
Kinda like an International Food Fair

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate

Busker and Music Performances

Or just chill-out with friends

You may also find treasures here unexpectedly

It is also a dog-friendly market
You may bring your dog to meet others
or simply enjoy the attention!

Here's what we think of West End Markets...

watch video here

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Next stop is West End Butchery

Some of my Singaporean mates claim that
the meat here is really tasty
I think they are indirectly complimenting their own cooking instead

Oh yea.. they sell offals here too
So you can make some 猪查汤 or Phở đặc biệt

Dinner was at Green Bamboo
153 Boundary Street
West End

Its spicy chicken on skewers with peanut sauce
However we can't really see the skewers
so its a bit challenging to eat
Taste pretty good though

Vietnamese Pork Chop with Rice
Although the pork stripes and egg cakes are missing
Libby says that the pork chop is as good as Trang's
So i guess its pretty good

Roast Duck Rice
I find it very tasty cos the skin is crispy
and the meat is to-the-teeth plus flavorful
and the bones are easy to tackle

Their service is pretty good
compared to the group of staff they had before the flood
However the downside is - their toilets are still unbelievable!

First time in 1.5 years
I was almost moved to tears..

Takeaway from Indian Kitchen
91 Vulture Street
West End

The garlic naan is really tasty!

Chicken Tikka Masala
What I really hate about their food is that
as much as its flavorful and tasty
everything here is so soft and mushy!
Its like baby food
I need to chew my meals

Mango Chicken

Libby could not resist buying another box
of Coles lemon cupcakes (Easter themed)

Grapes from West End Markets

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