Monday, March 21, 2011


Libby and I bought the Korean Spicy Ikan Bilis (Myung-ga)
Its $4.50 and taste mediocre - FAIL!

Home cooked Dinner by Libby Chong

Here are some photos from last week's Road Trip
Mt. Tambourine
Cuckoo Clock Shop

I'll put one in my house in future

$5 wine-tasting is one of the must-dos here

Ice-cream Stop

Springbrook National Park

Kitty Lunch

Getting close to nature

It was challenging to walk
due to rain and muddy soil paths

Some of us collected leeches that were stuck to our legs
I'm not sure if they wanna domesticate the leeches
to ermm.. suck enemies' blood?

It was a very hazy and rainy day
so we couldn't quite see any scenery

2,000 yr old tree

Liu Ji Chinese Restaurant (aka Yahoo)
223 Calam Road
Sunnybank Hills

i know the deco/ambience looks intimidating
but its actually not expensive
Lunch specials are only $8.80
and chinese tea at $0.50 per pax

Dinner meals price from $12
Pretty affordable

complimentary prawn crackers

No, the fried egg sandwich is not for sale

Libby ordered this spicy fried tofu dish
absolutely delicious!

Just Soy
223 Calam Road
Sunnybank Hills

Tau Huey Break, anyone?
Everyone seems to know that this place sells
the best bean curd in Brisbane

Mt. Coot-tha
one of the best vantage points to shoot the entire city
in ong exposure panorama

Penny Press

watch video here

Too hazy for long exposure shots

giving away free pizza and coke
at King George Square

LIVE: picture of the city
with Nigel Wesley

Yes its a free event
where Nigel brings us to places to capture
memories of Brisbane City

previously known as Tank Street Bridge before 2008
Kurilpa in Aboriginal means "place for water rats"
costs AUD 63 million
world's largest tensegrity (floating compression) bridge

The event resumes in April
more information, see older posts or
check out the Brisbane City Council website

Ajisen Ramen
2/414 George Street
There's something for everybody!

Kimchi Ramen + Chashu
$12.50 + $4
Teriyaki Chicken Don

Volcano Ramen

Negi Ramen

Corn Ramen

Chashu Ramen

Tried the new Mozilla Firefox 4.0
Not bad.. Not bad at all..
Its faster than before

ROBO/Enthiran எந்திரன்
Watched this new Indian movie call ROBO
It has Aishwarya Rai ಐಶ್ವರ್ಯಾ ರೈ in it!

For those who has never heard of her
She is former Miss World 1994
often cited as most beautiful woman in the world by media
Come on.. Everyone knows her!

More DotA screenshots that no one cares about

Oh yes.. I now have wireless internet connection
You may sit outside my house to tap

Dug up some old photos
of my school days...

Best days of my life... indubitably

I received tickets for tomorrow's footie game

So stay tuned!

Next post: Brisbane Lions vs Freemantle