Thursday, March 17, 2011

LIVE: picture of the city

LR Sushi
2b/26 Felix/Adelaide Street
Brisbane CBD

Many of us South-east Asians here reckon that
LR sushi serves the best takeaway sushi in the city
Not only is it fresh, the variety is also outstanding
However, the queue is from hell
it may take you 20min during lunch hours

Received my annual UQ-SSS membership card
I prefer last year's design

Kimchi Fried Rice
from City Inn Mall
Tasty but too little kimchi inside

LIVE: picture of the city
Today we're attending this photography session
organised by Brisbane City Council
the event is on Thursdays 5.30-7PM
Professional photographer, Nigel Wesley
will take you to several locations in the CBD

Our first spot was on Victoria Bridge
where we did long exposures
Victoria Bridge was built in 1969
You may have noticed a pedestrian arch near Cultural Centre
Its a memorial for Hector Vasylia,
young boy who was killed in a traffic accident
at that point when waving to servicemen returning from the First World War

Photographers of all shapes and sizes
Don't be afraid of bring a compact/phone camera
All are welcome!

Next stop was Anzac Square
Honouring Australia + New Zealand Army Corps

Shrine of Remembrance / 'Eternal Flame of Remembrance'
continuously lit since 11 November 1930

Last stop we went to shoot some BbOY

Pretty cool, this group of b-boys gather here
in Brisbane city to practice their moves
Check out their sick moves!

We also made lots of new friends here!

watch video here

Are you a photography enthusiast too?
Details can be found here

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everybody!
Lá Fhéile Pádraig is celebrated worldwide on 17 March
to commemorate Saint Patrick of Ireland
Fun fact: The Chicago River is dyed green every year on this day

Dinner was at Madtongsan II
1/85 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane CBD

Korean side dishes
Kimchi, Onions and Macaroni Salad

Chicken Cutlet Rice
Very tasty! =)

Dolsot Bibimbap
It means "mixed meal"
rice served with sauteed and seasoned vegetables
with chilli pepper paste in a stone pot

[iPhone Updates]

Isn't it irritating when you get a highscore
and there is no 3G connection?

Spotted 黑八宝 (Eight Black Treasures) in class
Its a Taiwanese dessert that consists of beans
and sweet glutinous rice
Easily available at Asian supermarkets

Someone has the same nickname + family name as me!

School Days

Our group has a NEW display photo
on our project file

Notice that I have a new display photo on Facebook?

Here's how it looks like
Reads "日本 頑張れ"
Its to show my support for victims of
東北地方太平洋沖地震 (Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami) 11 March 2011
National Police Agency confirmed 6,539 deaths and 10,354 missing

CAPCOM also showed its support
You can download Street Fighter 4 for iPhone
at a special price of $0.99
which will be donated to earthquake relief

Its very fun and engaging

Tried out the new Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)
features better graphics + videos, integrates with Win7's "pin" function,
security-enabled download manager, enhanced tabs, faster javascript engine

I compared it with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
Hmmm.. Did not notice much difference actually
I tried opening/closing the programs repeatedly
IE9 still loads slower than Google Chrome (lighter)
However it is a huge leap for IE
At my level of usage, I'll still stick to Chrome
What about you?


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Anonymous said...

LR sushi beats Top sushi hands down!!

There are 2 other LR sushi outlets other than the one at Adelaide St. One at McArthur Food Court and another at Felix St.

Both queues move faster than the one at Adelaide St!