Thursday, March 10, 2011

City Cycle - alternate mode of transport

Libby cooked me dinner
Sambal Chicken & Seafood
Onion Omelette
Steam Rice
This girl sure can cook =)

These pastries are from Coles
One for $6, Two for $10
You can mix and match
Very tasty and probably last you a week of breakfast/tea

Anyways I got tickets for Round 1

Gonna be watching them with my fellow
International Student Ambassadors tomorrow
So do anticipate my next post!

Today my housemate, Cherry
received her CITY CYCLE access card

City Cycle is our new alternate mode of transport
Not only is it environmental-friendly,
you can also weave through traffic during peak hours
I feel the most significant part could be cost savings
(especially if you're not on concession tickets)

watch video here

watch alternate video here
(in Vietnamese language)

The rest of the housemates went pub-crawling today!

Cherry made Chocolate Jelly

from Madtongsan I
Shop 28, Elizabeth Arcade
Brisbane CBD

Chris to the rescue!

Buddha from Sitar

Bumped into Feeona Chang
We are the two remaining WEBS
(West End Brothers & Sister)
after everyone left

Routine Monkey Cleaning at The Three Monkeys

7010EHR our professor gave us files
that has our photograph on it
Kinda cute to have this in a post-graduate program

Cindy's Matchstick Pencil

Lunch at Little Malaysia
156 Boundary Street
West End

Hainan Chicken Rice
I like the chicken rice here
cos the chicken is tender
and they have the right sauces

Kung Pao Chicken with Rice

*They discontinued their SALAM CARD membership*

(West End)
A little shop that sells beautiful lil hippie stuff
Libby saw a lot of things that she likes

Lord Mayor presenting certificate of appointment
(Photo: Study Brisbane)

Last but not least, sharing the joy and honour
of being appointed as
Brisbane International Student Ambassador 2011

Do feel free to pop by my Student Brisbane Profile Page
to read my Ambassador blog
I'll be happy to answer your queries about studying in Brisbane
(simple registration required)


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rachel may said...

have a great time inducting foreigners into the land of aussie!!