Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brisbane Welcomes International Students 2011 [Event Day]

We're gathered here today at King George Square
for a very special event today..

Brisbane Welcomes International Students 2011

33 International Ambassadors from 24 nations
are commissioned today by Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman

See previous post for list of ambassador from your country

Lord Mayor "All of you are so handsome/pretty!"

Student Ambassadors from Griffith University

Yamazaki Kyoko (Japan)

We're here today to answer questions
and promote Brisbane to International students

Tishta Bachoo (Mauritius)

Very popular with girls, Eden Wu (Taiwan)

Deiter Dizon (Philippines)

watch video here

Awesome music performance all day long
also, Aboriginal Dance Performance

OPTUS penguin

$30 F&B vouchers

Remember her?
Camille from 2010 event video!


My mate, Thant Zin Aung from Burma
Thanks for dropping by to help take some photos for me

Challenge yourself to the Rock Walls

Experience riding the Police Motorcycle

Fishing for Rubber Duckies

Matthew Ramsey (USA)

Vanessa Le from Vietnam

Fondly reminds me of the Ghost Busters vehicle

Lion Dance Performance
This troop also performed for Chinese New Year at Fortitude Valley
You may find tonnes of their videos in my youtube account
username: actuallyi

Doris Zhang (China)

My Singaporean mates from UQ and QUT

Test your skills at the Video Games booth
(pwn some of the helpless lil kids)

Get your photo taken with mascots

My mate from Indonesia, Eko S Pranoto

More awesome performances

Familiar face on my blog - Libby Chong

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
brought in some animals for us to view and interact

Sleepy and Shy Koalas

Information Sessions

Nur Azura from Singapore gets her hand on the huge snake

Here's another one..

Stick/Leaf Insect

Australian Blue-Tongue Skink
They're very gentle
Zin used to have one in his former house's backyard

Baby Crocodilla

Libby gets to hug a Wombat

These are really nice to touch/poke
They felt like erasers
kinda like mini-dinosaurs

Me! Me! Me!

Bad Move! Look how scard the lizard is..

Post also appears here

Magnus (Magnataur)
DotA printsccreens that nobody wants to see


Anyways we have this new iPhone application

That lets u have one-click access to your student mail
Maps of the campus, weather etc etc
Looks useful, but I haven't used it once

Tonkatsu Ramen
from Ajisen Ramen (George Street)

We're here today at Norman Hotel
102 Ipswich Road
to celebrate our anniversary..

Beer Battered Flathead

Rib Fillet (small)
100 day grain-fed angus hereford cross, southern darling downs
Today's steak was quite disappointing
It wasn't as flavorful as before

Note: Bowl of Chilli Sauce costs $4.50

Hur hur.. This was my present for Libby Chong
Traditional Chinese Medicine are wrapped in such manner

195 Melbourne Street
West End

We're here today for dinner
and I must say that this is the FIRST and ONLY Indian restaurant
that has good customer service throughout my stay in Brisbane
I was very amazed and impressed!
Ambience is good, except for the overwhelming air-conditioner
They played traditional Indian instrumental music

Three pieces of Pappadum (crisp lentil wafers) was served
You may purchase additional ones for $2.00 (4 pc)

We ordered
Chicken Biryani Rice
Stir-fried rice dish with spiced chicken
Lamb Biryani Rice
Stir-fried cubed lamb with pilau rice
Yogurt and cucumber accompaniments

Absolutely delicious, the lamb was tender and the rice was fragrant
Also you may choose between Mild/Medium/Hot
I choose Hot and it was satisfying
However, the portion size was.. Stingy!

Return Factor: 9/10

You know where to find your tasty reads


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