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YEAR OF RABBIT (Fortitude Valley) Day 03

Hi everyone, I'm back at Fortitude Valley

Today is DAY 03 of the Chinese New Year event
Follow the URL below to see the DAY 01 post:

Everyone say "HUAT AR!"
It means - prosperity!
By the way the fat plush toy on the left
is the God of Fortune 财神爷

Imperial Guardian Lions 石獅/瑞獅/福獅/佛獅
Pairs of stone lions are found at entrances of Buddhist temples
later at palaces, tombs, govt. office, homes of the rich
Usually one male one female
symbolising mythical protection against evil

Buddha (centre) and Lord Ganesha (right)
Ganesha, from the Hindu pantheon
He is the son of Shiva and Parvati
Many Chinese and Thais believe that Ganesha figurines
that comes with a mouse brings luck

Spotted: Calvyn Tan

Spotted: Jeremy Kee and Mei Deng

Spotted: Wong Chi Kim aka 黄-Sir

Senior Police Liaison Officer
The go-to-guy amongst Chinese community
If you get robbed, raped, molested or murdered
you may call him at 07 3131 1200
PM me if you need his mobile phone number for emergency

Top three best-sellers
1. Chinese fan
2. Chinese rattle-drum
3. Chinese windmill

Its the same emcee as DAY 01

Lion Dance Performance

watch video here

Traditional Chinese Dance Performance

watch video here

Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments
(from left)
笙 Sheng
琵琶 Pipa aka Chinese Lute
古箏 Gu Zheng aka Zither

watch video here

Firecrackers again!
Pik Piak Pik Piak <- thats the sound it makes

Guan Yin
aka Kwan-yin, 观音菩萨, Avalokiteśvara, Goddess of Mercy
is a bodhisattva of compassion
worshipped in most Asian countries

Woman giving out Falun Gong Balloons
A lot of China tourists are afraid to take balloons from her..

Falun Gong aka Falun Dafa 法輪大法
Founded 1992 in China by Li Hongzhi
is a combination of Qigong, Buddhism and Taoism
It is officially banned in China since 1999
Chinese Buddhist Association termed them "heretical"
It is also banned in Singapore where I came from
but I'm not going to comment about their doomsday prophecies
that caused mass suicide in China or whether
the government harvested the devotees' organs blah blah

All I can say is - there is no good or bad religion/practice
什么都可以信 但不要迷
(One can believe in everything, but do not be obsessed)

Jade Zodiac Animals
$8 each
Very very cute! They even have a tortoise!
I wanted to buy one, but my animal has a chip on it

Chinese Scrolls
that writes auspicious wishes such as
good health, fortune, luck, career, studies etc

You can have your photo taken with this dude
in a China Emperor outfit for $15

Band Performance
They are really really awesome!
Their other video is at the end of this post

watch video here

Accidental photo of the emcee's underwear
when she was ventilating her floral sun dress
No you don't need to "click to enlarge"
I mosiac it already!

Lion Dance Performance to welcome...

Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman and some other VIP
who came to grace the CNY event
Not really interested anymore
cos I did not receive my flood relief money

Another Lion Dance Performance

This one is on stilts
Highly skilled, risky and action-packed!

They were SUPER SUPER amazing!
They have the most spirit and zest
Easily the best Lion Dance Performance
I've seen in Brisbane - seriously

Reads: Happy New Year

Everyone cheered and applauded
This middle-aged man was so impressed,
he yelled "好耶!" repeatedly

Occupational injuries are common too!

watch video here

The weather was a killer
so we went to Australia's favourite juice bar - BOOST

Children Dance Performance
These kids are really cool
Kinda like High School Musical
They did all kinds of flips and groovy moves
and even tap-dancing

watch video here

Chinese Generals Puppets
(from front) Guan Yu, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei
They are generals from the Three Kingdoms era
A famous story is of their oath at the peach garden
swearing brotherhood in 184BC
Today, they are worshipped in temples, found in popular movies (eg. Red Cliff), card and video games (eg. Sanguo Sha 三国杀, Dynasty Warriors)

Chinese Generals Puppet Dance
Quite cool! Its like Taiwanese Ba Jia Jiang 八家将

watch video here

They have these bouncy eyes that are really scary

More Lion Dance Performances
This time they gave away candies to everyone!

Yep.. The same Spring Dance as on DAY 01

Flower Fairy Dance 花仙舞
Same as DAY 01 except one of the dancers is missing

Falun Gong Demonstration
Display of some of their breathing and Qigong techniques
Man in glasses is doing a stop-motion holding stance
which is said to be able to increase your intelligence
Lady in the middle is doing a stance
that absorbs energies from the universe
Front row is doing a stance that mimicks
a series of Buddha/Dieties handsigns 手印
Quite interesting..

Hui Group Traditional Dance 回族舞蹈
Hui is an ethinic Islamic group in China
As you can see their costumes are kinda Persian
Same as DAY 01 except one of the dancers is missing

Lion Dance Performance
Same as DAY 01
Lion 1 falls asleep, Lion 2 teases him
Both Lion got into a fight..

Big-headed Buddha pops out
and plays with both lions
Adorable and intriguing performance
Watch video in DAY 01 post

Pervert Lion!

HuanZhuGege? 还珠格格?
Aka Princess Pearl from a famous TV series
starring Vicky Zhao
This is the princess outfit in those days

The amazing band returns
This time with an Asian vocalist
He sings really well!

watch video here

and here

I don't understand why Korean students
love to sell stuff over our university emails

Libby Chong will be back tomorrow
Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday to my Grandmother!
(Photography: Cousin Gavin Ye)

Saw these from Joelyn Tan's facebook album
How amazing is that?



康熙来了 : 青蜂侠跟加藤来了
Watched your Green Hornet yet?

Lin Chi-ling 林志玲 is undoubtedly the prettiest Taiwanese woman

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