Saturday, February 5, 2011


Woots! Received my IKEA Family Card!
Now I can have free flow coffee =D

Lunch was from Pasta Al Dente
165 Melbourne Street
South Brisbane
Meat Lasagna with Ham & Mushroom Fettucine
Do try their Tiramisu - out of the world!

Bought my monthly supply of Moccona coffee

Lunch was at Kwan-Yin Tea House
198 Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley
Easily the most well-known vegetarian restaurant in Brisbane

Pearl Milk Tea

Japanese Triple Gem Rice 日式三宝饭
Comes with mock fish, chicken and pork

Very limited Chinese New Year goodies in Valley

Prosperity Cookies 发财饼

Spotted some Lion Dance members
The three words reads Huang Fei-hung 黄飞鸿
Master Huang (1847) was a Chinese martial artist and medicine physician
Also from 佛山 (like Ip Man), his martial arts style Hung Ga 洪拳
as seen in the movies are rivarly to Ip Man's Wing Chun 永春

As to why the three words appeared on their shirts
I have no idea at all!

Today is the second day 初二 of Lunar New Year

We have some exciting performances in Fortitude Valley (China Town)
put together by our Brisbane City Council

Lion Dance Performance 舞狮
Traditionally, the lion dance is performed to scare away demons
and bad luck as the lion is the king of all animals
and is paired with drums and cymbals

Plucking Greens 採青 is a common practice
as vegetables is same sounding as prosperity
Cabbages are usually hung 15-20 feet above ground
and a well-trained martial artist will fetch it in the lion

Watch video here

Martial Arts Performances

Watch video here

Firecracker Performance
Traditionally, this was done to scare away a mythical creature
(story in later part of this post)
Many may not know that firecrackers are banned in Australia
except in ACT (Canberra), Singapore banned these in 1970
after a fire killed 6 and injured 68
This is the first time in my entire life watching a real firecracker

Some PRC kids watching beside me were mocking
the pyrotechnic team who were in jumpsuits and protective glasses
I remember Ivy told me how firecrackers have maimed
her childhood friends back in China but no one seems to care much
Well.. In Australia and Singapore, human lives are valuable!

Watch video here

Cardboard, plastic and black powder (propellant) flies everywhere
I got hit from 3 metres (front row)
It was relatively painful!

Traditional Chinese Dance Performance

Watch video here

Traditional Chinese Drums Performance

Watch video here

Traditional Chinese Dance Performance

Watch video here

Lion Dance Performance
This one has a Big Head Buddha 大头娃娃

Watch video here

Traditional Chinese Dance Performance

Watch video here

My French homie, Lud Arld
gave me pastries from his workplace!

Today I'm at my Singaporean friends' place for BBQ

Everyone's favourite dog, Ah Pui
wishes all a Happy Chinese New Year

So does Karen
As you can see most of us (well.. not the modern teenagers)
wears red colour during Chinese New Year
Traditionally this was done to scare away a mythical beast called Nian
which would devour lifestocks, crops and villagers during the first day of CNY
This is also why we decorate our houses with red lanterns and spring scrolls
Also we do not sweep the floors till the 28th day of CNY
as this will sweep away good luck!

Eileen and Sandy preparing for the BBQ

Henry the fire-starter

Geraldine preparing these meat balls
which are actually fillings for Taiwanese Sausages
Its sweet tasting fatty pork

Hungry Ah Pui staring at our food!

Chinese New Year Cookies

Yu Sheng 鱼生
Raw fish salad with daikon, carrots, red capsicum, turnips, red pickled ginger, sun-dried oranges, parsley, chilli, jellyfish, peanuts, sesame seeds, shrimp crackers, five spice powder, plum sauce, rice vinegar, kumquat paste, sesame oil (total of 27 ingredients)
Each ingredient has its significance and symbolism for good luck

Sandy added the plum sauce..

Watch video here
Apologies for the WB of the video..

As seen in the video, we will say auspicious wishes 吉祥话
as each ingredient is added and when tossing the salad
It is believed that the higher you toss, the louder you say your wishes
the more auspicious it is

More photos here


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