Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Time ~_~

Trang Restaurant
59 Hardgrave Road
West End

Vietnamese Dripping Coffee Cà Phê

Ok.. Its really taking too long!

Combination Pork Chop Rice Cơm Tấm

Crispy Skin Chicken Fried Rice Cơm Chiên đùi Gà

This is my top pick for Vietnamese Restaurant
However when it comes to pho, its Pho Hung (Sunnybank)

88 Boundary Street
West End

One Life One Chance

We be Rollin'

This outlet has strict rules against drunk customers
Its extremely important for non-drunkards like us

Regular Hot Chips
Sweet Chilli Mayo Dip

We ordered take-away and
it came in a nice lil "parcel"

Caesar's Palace
Grilled chicken breast, crispy trim bacon, free range egg, shaved parmesan, baby cos salad and caesar dressing

Davies Park West End Markets
Every Saturday 6AM - 2PM

Samba Performance

watch video here

German Sausage

Spotted: Fabrice (FRA)

Music Performance

watch video here

Libby bought this Thai hand-made bracelet

Don't know why there are all these
bottled sauces all around West End
Think some organisation is playing savanger hunt


Libby and Me

91 Elizabeth Street
Elizabeth Arcade
Brisbane CBD

Today's side dishes were really good
They have this sweet fish cakes (top)

순두부찌개 Soon Dubu Jji Gae
Spicy bean curd soup with seafood & egg
I think no further descriptions needed
We're always eating the same thing
You may look through my old posts at

알탕 Al Tang
Fish roe & mixed vegetables soup

군만두 Gun Man Du (8pcs)
Pan-fried dumplings

Blood Group Percentage in Australia
O+ 40%
O- 9%
A+ 31%
A- 7%
B+ 8%
B- 2%
AB+ 2%
AB- 1%

New Marlboro Gold EDGE
and Marlboro Gold TOUCH (Europe) - slightly thinner


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