Friday, February 11, 2011

Return of the Libby Chong

6AM Arrived at Brisbane Internetional Airport

Went ot THE COFFEE CLUB to have my morning cuppa
and read this week's Newsweek
Its my all time favourite magazine cos their
writing style is really intriguing

6.50AM Libby Chong returns to Brisbane!

Corner Blamey Street
Kelvin Grove

Ham & Cheese Wholemeal Toastie with Orange Juice
Very healthy breakfast
The staff were very friendly

Chicken and Tomato Egg Risotto with Bak Choy
By Chef Leong, myself

Libby brought back 2 Chinese New Year ang baos
(red packets) for me from her mum
Thank you very nice
These are the only 2 ang baos I got this year
Hahhaha... Yes they have money inside!

and of course, Chinese New Year cookies!
(from top) Tapioca Cookies Kueh Bangkit
and Nyona Pineapple Cookies 凤梨酥

Ajisen Ramen (CBD)
2/414 George Street
Brisbane City

FREE Spring Rolls with every Lunch Meals

Spicy Ramen

Kara-age Ramen

Ramens are delicious as ever, however
service standard dropped drastically after Sena left
Staff forgot to provide me chopsticks,
offer us iced water and did not clean the tables properly
There were spring rolls skins on every table
Kinda disappointed

Jan Power's Queen St Farmers Market
Bridge End
Every Wednesday

Lychees are in season now
Selling at $10 per kg
Fun fact:
In the 1st century, fresh lychees were in such demand at the Imperial Court, that a special courier service with fast horses would bring the fresh fruit from Canton. There was great demand for lychee in the Sung Dynasty (960-1279ACE). It was also the favourite fruit of Emperor Li Longji (Xuanzong)'s favoured concubine Yang Yuhuan (Yang Guifei). The emperor had the fruit delivered at great expense to the capital.

I love to flip through Singapore travel books
It reminds me of home..

Student Meal Deal
Fish & Chips + Coke (can) $8.90
Calamari $4.50
Some say that this restaurant serves the BEST fish & chips in Brisbane
You decide!

Carraway Pier
17/8 Carraway Street
Kelvin Grove

Libby made Breakfast
Bacon, Sunnyside Up, Potato Salad, Scambled Eggs
Om nom nom nom

I cleaned up her place =)

And she tried to lock me in the balcony FML

Then she applied mascara on one of my eye
It is said to enhance the eyes, darkens, thickens, lengthens,
and/or defines the eyelashes
But looks like it has no effect on me (left)

Vegetarian ABC Soup
made by Chef Leong as well
I believe a lot of you grow up drinking this soup
due to lazy parents
I believe its called ABC due to the vitamins in each vegetables
also its as easy as ABC, simply dump everything in
Carrots, onions, potatoes, corn and pork ribs

Kwan-Yin Tea House
198 Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley
I believe readers are already very familiar with this restaurant
as it always appears on my blogs..

Coconut Milk Tea 椰香奶茶

Combination Japanese Set 一锅一烧
The chinese words 一锅一烧 means "One Boiled One Grilled"
Its like a combination of two cooking methods into one dish
Also I believe its their signature dish

Okonomiyaki お好み焼き
Japanese grilled savoury pancake
Consist of flour, grated yam, dashi, egg, shredded cabbage

Herbal Vegetables Soup
Comes with tofu, seaweed, cabbage, leek, celery, mushrooms

Ho ho! I have a parcel from HONG KONG!
(Special thanks to Kiat)


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